Body, Mind and Soulful Living

There are few things in life that can make us feel as good, as fast as, “I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day/when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May”. A simple verse or beat of a song can connect like nothing else to your soul. It can make you dance, make you cry, make you want to go on vacation or make you want to clean house. No matter what, songs and music can fill your heart with much joy. Perfect, because right now we are in the Enjoy portion of our LEAP Program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), living in harmony with the Universe and our Moon. Enjoy her tonight as she proudly reflects 66% of the Sun’s rays down upon us, as a Waxing Gibbous.

In Hebrew there are many different words for many different kinds of love, in Japan there is no word that means love, and in English we say we love a shirt using the same vocabulary we do when we say we love our mother. Such poor models for what our heart and souls really mean. However, music can be seen as the Universal language. You can gather hundreds of people together that don’t speak one common language and play a song that they will not just hear but feel something from as well.

Just like Dr. Emoto’s power of water, (proving the power words have to transform and change the molecular structure of water), words have the same amazing power in correlation to our bodies and minds. We find ourselves going through many new transformations, as individuals, as well as, a whole. This is just the beginning of what is to come for the times we are in. The road we are on is a large scale overhaul, a major renovation, if you will. Perhaps one part of our original structure will remain, but all in all we are sure to feel brand new, that is, if we allow for it.

Part of the process for a smooth transition in this looming 2012, (we think), is allowing for the transformation. Allowing for the change and adapting accordingly. Families will be torn apart and there will be a great gnashing of teeth, but only to separate those living in fear and those of us who live by love alone – Well worth fighting for .

As a culture, we have a tendency to push against major change. Probably because change can mean letting go and making do with something different without knowing whether or not that difference will make our lives any better or worse. But it is a Universal constant, and one that we should all get used to, especially in these times of great transformation in our Universe. The collective consciousness grid is rapidly multiplying with all the knowledge and power we are accumulating as spiritual beings during this great shift.

The way we have been living our lives is simply not going to do any longer. We have to go back to the basic Universal Law of Love, living harmoniously with our other beings. We have to take responsibility for what we know to be truth. Truth would be anything that resonates in your heart and speaks to your soul. It goes even further then what we think we know. Like when you get a feeling that something’s not right, you should trust that feeling – It’s your soul’s way of communicating to you physical form. No matter what religion you are or beliefs you follow, any spiritual person would agree that we are to promote healing and loving relationships and ways of life. That we are to take care of our Earth and our souls and not consciously destroy them.

When we are preparing things for other projects here at Souls Converge, we use the power of pyramids, as well as, music for positively charging our work and blessing it. We have been in the final stages of our herbal medicine projects around here and we practice the importance of words and music in that process. Holy Harmony is played directly to all of our tinctures, extracts and herbs brewing. We play it for ourselves when we’re having an off day and on a regular basis for balancing. We choose this particular song because we believe in the power of sacred sounds and the Solfeggio tones included in it’s make up, to be extremely healing and transformational.

Music has such an effect on us and acts almost like a mood altering drug. A simple song can fill us up with light, take us back in time, travel to the moment a loved one passed away. In some of these ways, music can also be an ego’s lasso around the heart. So make sure you take time to evaluate the music you listen to. How does it make you feel? What does it do for your insides? Is it an angry, negative song? Does it emulate love and happiness? Edit your playlists to fit certain moods and get you into others. If you’re in a good mood you are more likely to feel better about yourself and treat others better as well.

As things change so rapidly all around us, take the time to turn off your cell phone & television, even for 15 minutes. Stop what you are doing, turn on a playlist that makes you happy and dance. Dance around your house like no one is watching. Make the kids dance with you, or rock out in your car. Make a bonfire outside, roast some marshmallows, put on some good music and have the whole family dance under the moon! Enjoy the air you are breathing, smiles on the faces of everyone around you, and among all the chaos life can and does bring – simply Enjoy this moment!

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny and Kristen

Moon Signs

We believe that signs are everywhere. For instance, those moments when you see, hear, or think of the same thing over and over in a short period of time. Or when you just feel like you should call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Even those moments when you have to do something or dream you have already done it. These are all signs.

There is no more obvious sign in the dark night sky than the Moon. A sign that the sun is burning brilliantly on the other side of the world. But many signs in our lives are not so obvious and clear. If only all the signs of our lives could be illuminated by the light of the moon, we would surely find ourselves on much clearer paths.

For some people, to say something is a sign merely attributes too much weight to an otherwise called coincidence. There is no way to make someone believe in signs like you do. To the opposition of signs: It is true that our minds have a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs. But, we are a heart-based people, and if a stranger’s child was about to get hit by a car, most would try to save that child. This is not a logical decision based on self-preservation, but most of our hearts would tell us to help another soul. That is the same place in our hearts that follow signs. There is a strong belief in the fact that our souls are the highest versions of our selves. That they hold the key and wisdom gained from lifetimes. There are no studies or facts to prove this to someone or to encourage them to follow signs. The signs that are all around us either speak to your heart or they do not. If you are on the fence about them, at least you are considering them and aware of their possible power and existence in your life.

For us, coincidences rarely occur. We took a road trip that didn’t go the way we had planned in a negative light. The falling out of those plans then led us down the exact road in the middle of dense Northern California country that we ended up moving to and calling home. There were signs everywhere leading us during this road trip – we were just aware of them and followed with faith.

We believe a major part of this discussion is the dis-connect when searching for signs – the lack of a sign. We plead, “Please, please, show me a sign it’s meant to be.” Then nothing happens, (even though we desperately search for signs in everything for the answer we want). It is difficult to accept that sometimes the lack of a sign, is indeed, a sign. And the answer that none of us like to hear, “No.” If you are going to follow signs and really put your faith and vibrational energy into making life decisions based on them, you have to find peace when the answer is not what you had hoped for.

Signs and amazing synchronicities can be attributed largely to the collective consciousness grid. Take the comic strip character Dennis The Menace for example, a story featuring a young boy in a red and black striped shirt debuted on March 12, 1951 in 16 newspapers in the United States. Then, just three days later in the UK, a character called Dennis The Menace, wearing a red and black striped jumper made his debut in the children’s comic The Beano. Both creators denied any connection or communication with one another. Things like this happen all the time and are continuing at an exponential rate. Television shows about spirituality and the scientific connections to once laughed at beliefs like, chakras, auras, clairvoyance, healers, etc. Books coming out with similar stories and subjects without any connection to one another. Our energies are all communicating on levels in the consciousness grid, (some more than others). But perhaps these grid conversations are sending signs to each one of us at particular times in our lives. After all, this is a great time of growth and change in our world, and we are lucky enough to be here to witness it all unfold. If we could just listen for and find the signs being sent to lead us along the way, perhaps we would find ourselves on a successful shortcut to a blissful outcome.

The more we can calm our energy and our minds in daily activity, the more we will be able to tap into and really access the loving vibrations available to us, within us, during the stillness. Meditations like our Breathe The Light and the use of essential oils to open up certain channels are a great start. Then the yoga practices to open our physical bodies, and the holistic approaches to healing, and feeding our souls. How many people do you know that just can’t sit still, eat fast food everyday, and pack their schedules with stressful commitments? We are in control of everything, even our stress. How much money we need to make, and what bills are absolutely necessary. What portions of your stress are for YOU? What portions of your stress are for others? If our energy is balanced, we will find ourselves willing to sit and be still at every opportunity. We will find more energy within us to give to others willingly and lovingly. This is all a major undertaking, but we work at so many things in life that are not worth as much as our souls. When you can find great peace and awareness for the most subtle changes in your surroundings you will see and feel signs clearly. If these signs are markers and instructions from your higher self or a Universal higher One, don’t you think it’s worth listening to?

Take time out of your busy schedule and just sit, breathe, listen.

A believer in signs finds the world we live in has all its own magic. If you need the science behind it all then, Adam Tromley, an astrophysicist and one of the world’s leading experts in zero point technology has the answer for you. He says that the materialization of a single object in space represents one-quadrillionth of the energy available in the volume of that space. So the next time you look up in the sky, you can truly appreciate the amazing energy in play. The Moon reflects the sun’s light for us and controls the tides of the oceans and affects the water within our bodies as well. Or if you think of yourself as an object, you are a very small physical object portraying merely a portion of the energy you are capable of. And this is just the beginning of what science is tapping into. Somehow, our ancestors and people living ages ago had more respect and raw faith in these natural occurrences than we seem to have now in our “advanced” culture. If you really stop and still your mind long enough you can begin to appreciate the sheer greatness all around us. Perhaps you will begin to see like we do- That there are signs everywhere and in everything, if you know where to look and are willing to listen.

Notice synchronicities today. Your soul influences your perceptions by highlighting certain scenes and ideas, causing you to interpret your experience in particular ways. What are you trying to tell yourself? What is the Universe trying to tell you?

Wishing you an abundance of signs!

Lonny & Kristen

We sit here and write to you again, (finally), with active energy and good forward motion. We were relieved to find ourselves still here in the wake of the “predicted” judgement day that was to be May 21st. All joking aside, we have been busy at work on the launch of our brand new Daily LEAP Program via our website. This will be available for our followers to subscribe to on a monthly basis for the cost of a fancy cup of coffee. In return, subscribers will receive a password for a month full of new, balanced energy tips on a daily basis. There will be guidance for positive, loving, and productive body, mind, and soulful living, and much more! We look forward to opening this up to everyone and hope it sits well in all of your hearts.

We currently find ourselves in the Last Quarter Moon and the “play” phase of the LEAP Program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play). This is also a time ruled by “passion” and it’s power in our lives. Inline with this time, the subject of truth has been burning quite passionately in our hearts, as well as current truth-tellers. Since “end times” seems to be a more and more frequent conversation in the world, we have felt put upon to write with these topics in mind. We found that we have quite a bit to say! There was much time spent on organizing and editing through information, and we hope you feel the truth that was intended to reach you through this particular blog post.

In our history, there are many great times of enlightenment or new ages. Each of these times have before, and will again, posses characteristics of great darkness and light. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are the simplest laws of our universe for balance in nature. For every occurrence, those souls that provide opposition to the truth are important catalysts in the coming growth and changes. Personally, we find ourselves knee-deep in reading leaders and up and coming truth tellers’ posts and insider information quite often. We feel that the light is desperately trying to emerge and we are constantly looking to sift through all the information we can to find the underlying truth in it all.

When it comes to “truth” much of what we know to be true is not always what we learn or accept from others. Much of what is truth for us, is actually within us already. Even if we don’t fully understand something we hear, the truth within it resonates within us. This begs the question of whether or not truth is in fact not learned, but rather felt and re-called like a distant memory. We could be a people that have just lost that particular memory – like one you haven’t thought of since you were a child, but you see a picture and it brings you back to that exact day and suddenly the memory you didn’t know for the last 35 years feels just as real as the day itself.  And so perhaps, Universal truth is more of something embedded in our soul’s. Maybe we all share one constant truth from the beginning of creation. Even with all the great advances in science, we have only broken a percentage of the human genetic code. That leaves much to be interpreted and open for discovery within our present existence here. It seems realistic to believe that the truth of our souls is embedded in there somewhere waiting for us to feel it again and allow it to penetrate into our core thinking. This is a great part of life that gives way to a completely different perspective on science. Thousands of years ago religions taught of souls and a part of us that continues long after our present physical bodies give out. Science has just now caught up to that in the remarkable discovery of the un-deniable amount of grams that “disappear” from the body in the instant of physical death. In all of these controlled studies, when no other matter has changed, no factors have been removed or added, there is a change in the body’s weight. The scientific explanation, so far, has been a stop in brain activity or another form of consciousness that leaves the body at this time. In our belief, this can be nothing other than the soul ascending the body.

We recently went to the movies and enjoyed Thor. Not necessarily a spiritual outing for us, but for a child-like break from our daily work, it was a nice way to “play” in this phase. In the movie, Thor mentions to a mortal here on Earth, “In your world, magic and science are two different things, but I come from a place where they are one in the same.” Scientifically, as we discover and prove new and amazing things, science begins to unfold the mystery of those that were once believed, (even to our grandparents), to be something of superstition or magic. As children we scream out, “Abracadabra!” in great attempts to change flowers into rabbits or silly juice and soda combinations into super human power potions. In all actuality, the word has roots in the ancient Aramaic mysticism “Avrah Ka Dabra”, meaning, “I create as I speak”. Truth has great power, and finds ways to stay constant in our lives, like this childhood play phrase. The context in which it is used may change but the weight of truth in which it possesses does not. It is important to always watch what we say, but to be more clear, we should really practice listening to the words we speak that are creating our lives.

In the same light as Truth, Fear and Love have great power. Truth seems to rule love, and power seems to rule fear. In this time there is a great narrowing in unison towards a great enlightenment. This of course, threatens the existing powers that be, and power does not go down without a fight. Creating a “New Earth” filled with loving, heartfelt, God-like people, is an uphill battle. We fight against those who currently run everything based in money and distractions against the balance and love we work so hard to focus on in our everyday lives. They want a civilization that continues on the path that makes them more rich, and more powerful, not one that makes them equal and loving and giving. These people are blind to the power in that. They only see the truth in their battle against enlightenment – it is always easier to destroy than to create. A building takes much time, planning, and effort to build. However, the desolation of that building can be quick and swift. That is where the fear comes into play with the powers in control now. They blast the world with fear-based images and scare tactics that they believe will force the majority to follow scared and weak. We turn around and give this dark power easy access to us via Facebook, Twitter, google, text messages, yahoo news, etc. These fast, instant ways of sending information to everyone across the globe, all at once, provide a great tool for targeted fear campaigns. Their intention is based on getting us all scared and in a fear-based place of attraction towards the negative. Every time they blast a story of “doomsday approaching” and we read it, collective fear ignites and produces a surge of concentrated thinking on a subject throughout the entire consciousness grid. In these moments, the dark powers that be, win our energy towards their goals.

You can find people everywhere preaching what they personally interpret to be the correct teachings from holy texts like The Bible, The Koran, The Bhagavad Gita, just to name a few. These same people shout out judgement day predictions and signs of end times. When the word “apocalypse” in Greek actually means “to unveil” or “to reveal”, not even close to what many of these preach to be the meaning.  Universal truth lies in all of these texts and it’s true information is powerful stuff that not everyone is ready for. Simple symbols like the peace sign are taken out of context, not to mention the mis-understood sentences and entire chapters in holy text. The text in Revelations mentions the end of the world as we know it. So perhaps it’s time we know something better. All of these texts do seem to quietly whisper the same message – that you are God and that the kingdom of Heaven is within you. Not outside of us, or beyond our reach, but deep within each of our souls. That is truth that resonates with us.

We are currently in a time when science, mind, heart, and faith in religious beliefs will all unveil a common thread of truth in our world. Amidst all the great distractions this world now provides and continues to create, we believe that we have forgotten how divine we actually are – “created in his image”. However, it is encouraging to watch as science proves what many ancient faiths already knew and taught throughout generations. This gives us hope for the blossoming of a new age where the faith and beliefs that many of us have in our hearts, can be proven to the world currently not open to our kind of truth.

For example, what was once observed to be miracles in ancient times, may be what we are seeing as great leaps in “mind over matter” today. Take the select cancer patients, who take a completely holistic and natural way of healing and turn a death sentence into a grand life experience of defying science. So many have actually changed their cancer cells into revitalized healthy cells, simply by focused intention and belief in the ability to create that outcome.

Our power to successfully, and actively create our lives can be a difficult truth to accept. And for some, at this stage of growth, not a truth at all. We don’t currently live in a place that displays that positive ability very well. However, if someone were to hand you a violin and tell you that you have the capability to make beautiful, symphony concert music with it, would they be lying?  Of course not. You DO have the capability to do so, but it would require enormous amounts of dedication and practice to “create” that. Unless you know a magic spell that we don’t, in which case you could just snap, your fingers, say “Abracadabra”, and be a musical prodigy overnight! For many this would be a life-long work in progress, but for a few it may be an easy hobby. There are just some souls more inclined to or possess more raw, natural ability. But anyone can work on focused intention and practice creating to their own degree of mastery.

Perhaps still more exciting, is that the power of our individual thought grows exponentially with the number of minds sharing a focus or intention. Great creating can come from a group working on the same thought at the same time – “two heads are better than one”. Furthermore, science opened truths in studies that 2 brains working together are not just twice as good, but rather, many, many times the strength. Which gives scientific validation to the belief and practice in meditation groups, healing circles, singing and chanting in unison, prayer groups, or any large group gatherings towards one collective purpose. The truth that lies in the positive intention of gathering like-minded people with loving hearts to work towards one goal is inspiring. We plan to do that at our retreats and more through our website and online events held together collectively.

We pray you have felt the passion in what our souls have written here. A large truth for us at Souls Converge is to always give from a place of  loving light and heartfelt intention. If there was any portion of this post that felt true to you, then we feel we have served our purpose. And if it did not, feel free to simply dump it all. But most importantly, keep a forward motion. With all the current events and truths around us we have to keep a positive outlook for our souls. We can start by living in the lives we have created with gratitude and taking an active role of participation, rather than merely reacting to everything around us. As we move towards cultivating a new cycle, practice being more aware of the truths around you. Watch what you say and do, as it is a direct reflection of where your soul is in it’s current place of growth. Keep in mind that if we are truly the temple and it’s master with the key, how do we not make it beautiful and only allow that which is equally beautiful and loving into our lives?

Truth: These major life tasks require much work, and the accountability to yourself and the Universal truths that lie deep in our souls take much discipline, but can you think of anything more rewarding to work towards? We can’t.

We know, where have we been? There were some major happenings in our emotional and spiritual journey that required our attention, and now we return from a long break to find all of us in the growing phase of the lunar cycle and love portion of the LEAP program. We had a bit of a lapse in our writing skills from the heart, and didn’t feel it would be right to give you something that was not from a direct loving light. Life choices and our spiritual progress can feel like a lot of work at this stage, and we have to find ways to push through. We found our home filled with an elephant or two and they were dying to be let out and talked about. So as we reminded ourselves this past week, we remind you to keep a forward motion towards growth, even when you feel the heavy burdens are slowing you down. Reward for your efforts will show and it will all come together in time.

We do not practice any religion but we respect and admire vast elements of many beliefs. There is a Hindu God – Ganesh, which many people refer to as the “remover of obstacles”, which is true, but he also carries out the task of placing obstacles in your way when you need it. You can find his familiar multi-armed, elephant-headed figure all throughout India and Nepal.

Constantly creating, we’re sometimes so distracted by our latest positive endeavor that we ignore the elephant in the room lingering from the past. Since most of us have not found complete stillness of our minds yet, our mind is firing multiple times per second. We fill our minds with new ideas, judgments, fears and thoughts all at once. We can be extremely talented at making new things happen and pushing towards new goals and conveniently forget to deal with the lessons of the most recent negative experience. Growth is not about deflection or avoidance of the negative, but the acceptance of bad situations and the strength gained from the depths of the despair involved in them. For us, we moved into our new life with divine intention towards our soul’s work and giving back to the spiritual community. We created this new life with less bills and let go of old luxuries and settled into a simpler, more planet-loving life. However, we still have commitments and requirements for this life. We still have some bills and lifestyle requirements that can create stressful moments for us when faith should prevail. But in our shadowy bliss of the new, we found ourselves creating distractions away from the stressful, negative attributes our new life had to offer. We love what we are doing far more than anything else we have ever done, but nothing is without its challenges.

This past week was a slow-growing one for us with a few things looming heavily. We have been trying to open things up for our retreats and for Souls Converge to really take off and be our main focus. We took a job for a local winery to make ends meet, and it was hard work. It did provide for us to pay our bills so that we have internet, our website, gas, food and our home. We were exhausted after this work and couldn’t get a post out, or we didn’t want to is more like it. Our low energy and lack of motivation to do anything but sleep, was not a place in which we wanted to write from. We were tired, imbalanced, and not in a place of great faith in our hearts. LEAP is such a huge commitment that we chose, and we knew we had to push through. Any form of a Ganesh would have been well received to assist in loading case after case of wine onto pallets or just sort out thoughts and emotions. Perhaps Ganesh was there, watching us struggle and placing this obstacle of money and work in our path as divine intervention. There are many things we cannot control, but in a constant process of creation, you are an active architect. Our mistake was continuing to draw up plans before we had a clear view of the land on which to build on.

Buildings are only as strong as their foundations. Plants and trees only as strong as their roots. So it only makes sense that our quality of growth and strength comes from how grounded and balanced we are. What have we done to make ourselves healthy and not brittle, susceptible to breaking? What do we eat to contribute to the imbalance? What is not grounded that we engage in – tv shows, fast food, venomous people, and hurtful thoughts. When you begin to really look at what you are including in your daily process of living, you find the weak parts of your structure and it can open your eyes to how YOU are contributing to the weakness of your overall being. The judgements placed upon our society, and spiritual choices are disappointing at times. A simple notion towards a vegetarian diet can make others judge the power of the person choosing it. When you think of an elephant don’t you think powerful and strong? And yet we find another thing Ganesh is a symbol of – the first chakra. According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesh also resides in us as the “base, or foundation” of support.

We encourage you to find a stillness in your heart for a moment and feel this time of growth. Address any lingering issues you may have. Release them from you and you from them. Send out loving light with compassion as you watch them float away. It takes courage to face these things head on, and it will probably hurt. Just like those pesky leg pains in the middle of the night – when you get them, you know you’re growing. Find a strength in that and you will become a more balanced person from it. We are working with you and alongside our grand moon and her effects on us. Just a tip: the next time you feel an elephant in your spiritual “room”, (pink, white, Ganesh or otherwise), walk right up to it with a full heart and introduce yourself. You may even find yourself thanking it for the assistance in supporting your foundation of growth.

With full hearts and wishes for growth,

Lonny & Kristen

Click here for meditations and exercises for this phase.

Last Quarter Playtime

Welcome to the Play portion of LEAP! Our LEAP, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), program is one we offer out in the Universe to anyone who may benefit from it. We pray this portion speaks to you and inspires you to play.

“Play? I can’t play. I have bills, and work, and errands, and kids, and shows to watch, and news to read, and projects to finish…” Oh, we know what you’re thinking. We think it too, we grew up around it, and we’ve heard it all. But the fact is, for balance every now and then, you have to play. You have to enjoy life! Yes, we have to work on ourselves, and our spiritual growth, and how we act towards others, and what we do at work, but we also have to take time to stop and smell the roses.

In our driven society towards status, we work on family roles, friendships, networking etc. because they make us feel important, needed, productive. In our culture, if you have the opportunity to make more money and turn it down, most would think you’re crazy. We aren’t like most. And you aren’t either. You are a growing soul who is learning and growing and knows there is more in this life. We understand it’s difficult to move past that old way of thinking and into the new evolution that is the now. Have compassion for others that are not ready for it and not ready to let go of the version of you they most identify with. In your growth, compassion should prevail for the old you that is no longer and for those that try and bring you back to their level.

Phase out the things that are not who you are, but merely what you do, and what you feel pressured to do from all angles. Today is always a good time for change. Just look at a typical day filled with “must dos”. Notice how it also makes you imbalanced, overtired, moody, frustrated, sensitive, miserable, bored, and stressed. Not to mention what it does to your body and overall health and well-being – But who has time to think of all of that? Who wants to take time out of their day to think about the effects of that day on themselves? Our souls do, but most of the time we don’t find it to be convenient in our lives.

When you were a child, no one had to tell you to play, you just did. You pretended in your room or in the car. You imagined endless magical lands and encounters with other worldly beings. This was completely from the heart, and exactly where we want you to go now.

Find something you love, and do it. You can look for ideas here in the last moon’s play phase. Reschedule the formal lunch date, the work project than can wait until tomorrow, or the 2 hours of surfing along the latest posts on Facebook, and do something that really is fun to you. The daily activities of others are splashed upon the internet and magazines lining the checkout stands in the grocery store. Stop reading about other’s lives and LIVE yours. Take some time and just enjoy playing silly with your children or your pets. Taking a nice walk, hike, or meditative stroll doesn’t cost you anything. And if you have some money, treat yourself to something wonderful like a date with you. Because at the end of all of this, your soul is alone on a journey of spirutal growth through a human experience. Take a moment off and just actively play with and love yourself.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny and Kristen

Check our website often and “like” us on Facebook for the upcoming worshops, group collective projects, and the exciting launch of our Northern California retreats! We will play and offer all sorts of LEAP inspired activities when you stay with us!

The focus of LEAP today is primarily on appreciation and giving. The Disseminating Moon phase or harvesting portion of collective energy is here. We pray that our LEAP (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) program is bringing all of you something of great value. We actively go into our hearts and give through the LEAP program everyday. We find it to be a great testament in the law of love active in our lives.

Jesus taught the law of love. And that there is no power greater than love, and for that, the powers that were during his time could not allow him to continue on for fear of losing their power over the people. His message was clear – that underlying all that is, is love, and only by our learning to be and express love will we ever become whole, as individuals as well as a collective people.

When you give from a place of pure love and no expectations, magical things are bound to occur. The most common reference to this would be “tithing”, but we feel a religious, negative or otherwise distracting connotation may arise from this. We appreciate the simplest form in which love connects with a higher purpose or Spirit, and think growth and evolving in a loving way can be made simple.

At this time, the collective energy is in the field of giving back. Set aside even a dollar towards a higher purpose, for no payback to you, but simply for the act of giving freely. If it is truly in your heart to do so, we believe, it is destined to reflect abundance. We also, suggest surrounding yourself with the colors gold and silver. They have great reflecting power for spiritual abundance. If you focus a loving light on what you give, that light can be received and magnified back to you from all who are willing to receive it. We are all aware of the fact that in this life, there are many good deeds that go unrewarded. However, if you give from a place of love, not searching for any outcome, and If there is a focus on what the other will receive, instead of what you may get in return, then that is the basis of true giving and manifesting love.

While there are countless experiments linking giving or tithing to great abundance, there is a particular 1940’s story about a Michigan farm experiment and you can find it here in our past month’s blog.

As far as this law of love goes, and acts of giving, we suggest meditating with Holy Harmony. Breathe very conscious breaths along with it and send loving light out into the world to be received by any and all who are in need of it. Perhaps you know exactly who to give to, then send your loving meditation to them specifically. If you don’t know, ask for a sign and direction of where to give! We find that when you ask to be shown something, there is almost always an answer. Write your question in a journal, day planner, ask it out loud in the shower, pray while laying in bed, meditate on it outside, tell friends and family, anything to put it out there.

There are wonderful heart opening poses here in a previous post to get your body in balance with this time. We always suggest a few drops of essential oils over your heart to focus you, Abundance Oil by Young Living , or their Purification Blend for direction and thoughts of giving.

Find a place within your heart to freely give love out to others. Something very memorable from our Bikram Yoga days was, “find the ease in your effort”. When it comes to all things in life, you can’t use force. Well actually you CAN, but when you do there are negative emotions and stigmas that become associated with it. Where you fall in the level of giving doesn’t matter. Love should be your motivation and to only give what makes you comfortable. If you don’t find yourself in a loving state to give, evaluate where you are, and if your heart is closed off to it, address the situation. Feel your heart and face it head on. Let go of anything you maybe harboring so that you can be the master instead of allowing anything to rule over you.

This time of the LEAP program we feel a great appreciation for what we get to do here at Souls Converge. And although we feel the small quakes and growing pains that come with the decision to create a small organization for the spiritual community, we appreciate the path that has led us here to write these for you. We pray you find it in your heart to give in some way and that if you are on the receiving end of someone giving to you, reflect that love and generosity onto others! In the beginning, you may only be able to give $10 a week, but the energy behind it will prevail. The love and energy you send out with that $10 dollars can come back to you ten-fold. Our hearts envision that sort of abundance for all of you!

~Lonny and Kristen

We always welcome you to give in support of the work we are doing here. If it is in your heart to do so, we accept donations through our website or you can email us at Check our website often and “like” us on Facebook for the upcoming worshops, group collective projects, and the exciting launch of our Northern California retreats!

The full moon is a great phase to allow for meditative time outside. During this portion of our LEAP (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) program, we are in the appreciation phase. Choosing more of the color purple and like tones. Incorporate it into the next few days and it will help your energy to focus inward. It is a great color to implement into gratitude for future desires of attraction. It harnesses the soul’s power and sense of knowing.

Walking is structured to bring clarity, and we find that clarity breeds appreciation. We encourage you to be still in the beautiful surroundings you can find just outside your front door. Feel the amounts of appreciation that come out of the natural moments occurring every second, even when we are not present. We would suggest rubbing a drop or two of Young Living’s Gratitude blend on the region over your heart, and have it keep you present as you experience all the wonders of nature. For more on our take, and exercises during the full moon you can refer to our past blog “Appreciation For Super Moon”.

We had a special guest in our home and visiting our property this week, (which will be open for retreats soon). He is a man going through a life change, (as we all are). He was looking for something – perhaps direction, (as we all do from time to time), and was hoping to find a bit of clarity here. Which was ironic, as we have had some cloudy weather in our growth lately. Not the kind where you don’t know your path, but the kind where you know exactly where you need to be, can see it clearly, and yet there are HUGE obstacles blocking your way. So we found ourselves at a bit of a block, but were attempting to roll with it. When our house guest came on so sudden, we were absolutely delighted to have him. True to form, he came bearing gifts of outside ideas and a fresh look at what we have to offer others like him. It’s funny when you are so focused on a single path or outcome, you have no peripheral vision. There could be many other ways that are easier and more clear but in your overwhelmed state you can only see what is in your direct line of focus. Sometimes you just need an outsider to snap you out of it and say, “Hey, look over here!”

And that’s just what our house guest did. More specifically, he lead us on a path to discover a great image we take for granted everyday. There is a tree off in the hill next to our property, so tall and out of the ordinary that it cannot be ignored. This tree is widely known to be thousands of years old and a couple hundred years ago was struck by lightning. Nature’s force made all the top branches and top portion of the trunk curl down from the center in all directions, affectionately naming it, the “Umbrella Tree”. We have many hikes available to us here in all directions and we sometimes even go 6 miles down the road for one hike in particular, but we had never tried this one and it is right off our back porch! Our house guest was completely focused on getting all of us to the Umbrella Tree, and so we all made the trek.

And a trek it surely was, but no time was spent enjoying the Umbrella Tree itself. We were all in a very heightened vibrational state and felt very in tune for finding it. We had grand existential ideas of meditating and enjoying it’s energy once we reached the hollowed out trunk. But after spending over 2 hours roaming around lost, we finally gave into the fact that our perception of where we were was very off, and it was best to just head back home. We were very, very turned around to be lost for that long having just walked just off our back porch, and up the hill a bit.

When we finally got back home, there was the tree, towering over all the others on the hill top staring down at us over our bonfire. The tree seemed to be saying, “I never moved, I was right here all along.” So it begs the question, “Were we ever really lost at all or were we just on a different path?” The Umbrella Tree is very clearly there – looming through our kitchen window even as we write this, and we were meant to roam without ever reaching it. At one point, we were at the very top of the mountain and looking all around, thinking how could we miss something so grand? But the funny thing about perspective is that, when you finally get some, it never looks the way you expected it to. So maybe that’s it, stop expecting things to look the way we think they should and we’ll be fine. What we think “awakening”, “spiritual growth” or “ascension” is suppose to look like just distracts us from the bigger goal. If you come for one of our retreats, you’ll find, (as we did), that our greatest hike is right here next to us. No need to go off searching, it was here all along, we just needed someone to stop and point it out to us.

The full moon is just like our Umbrella Tree, it towers over us and gives direction but can’t hold our hand. The energy can be quite overwhelming when we know where we’re going, even more so than when we don’t. Knowledge does equal more responsibility. And when we are finally blessed with the clarity or enlightenment for our path, we can’t be discouraged by the work envolved in getting there. We must find a knowing in our hearts that we’ll find a way. If we can find strength to move from a place of our own enlightened being, regardless of it’s cloudy moments that even a full moon can’t help, we open up to the path of finding ourselves. And just when we think we’re really lost – we’re not. We are exactly where we’re supposed to be – If we can embrace the energy of the here and now, we can embrace ourselves.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny & Kristen

In this portion of the moon cycle we are at the Crescent Moon, and we are in a growing phase. Growing in love for ourselves still for the LEAP program and that love is beginning to show with others. Discover the real goal for this cycle, make an achievable plan of getting there and know that you can carry it out!

When our minds are full of “what ifs” for money, major aches and pains with no insurance to do anything about them, over $4.00 a gallon and rising gas prices, and a looming government shut down, we don’t particularly find ourselves in a place of great “faith”. We want to KNOW that everything is going to be alright. Be SHOWN how it will all work out in the end, so we can stop freaking out and breathe again. But that’s the funny thing about faith – it has nothing to do with proof, just raw belief in something you cannot see. It makes you choose to be vulnerable to every possible outcome, and somehow, remain calm and collected for the unforeseeable future. Faith is work, and the kind you have to do alone. That work can be dark at times, with no end in sight – building faith in other people to not hurt you again, and faith in yourself to persevere if they do. The forgiveness we have been working on in the previous cycle paves the way for faith to grow.

On a personal note, one recent leap of faith, has brought us here to create Souls Converge and the LEAP program. We turned down obvious high earning job opportunities and “easy” roads to easy lives, and chose the road less traveled. We followed our hearts in the pursuit of what we believed was in both of our soul’s best interests. We saw the rough road and sharp curves ahead and pushed on towards a more “scenic” spiritual route. There was a distinct cry of love to do something we really believed in, and for us, that far out-weighed anything we were turning down or leaving behind. The single choice towards a more soulful life, is an extremely empowering one.

Not ready or willing to see the light in our journey, some perceive us in a way that we have hit the bottom of the barrel in the worldly, material sense. They are partially right. Today, we have the least amount of money we have ever had, and yet we wake up the most at ease in the truth of what we are working towards. We live in a beautiful, peaceful place that provides a simple, sustainable existence – many find “boring”. We found Northern California’s vast coastal expanses of nature, away from everyday distractions, our ideal place, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. We are also not without our low points – we have to do things we don’t particularly “enjoy” to keep us afloat in the life we have chosen here. But we “appreciate” that those things are in place to maintain us, yet keep us focused on our overall path. This choice we made, brought us to an entirely different existence that moves us forward every day, running on the gas of faith alone. Some days there is plenty in the tank and other days none at all, but we keep a forward motion, believing that the love we have for what we’re doing will see us through.

Life is full of single moments and choices that make up the mosaic of your life. These moments and acts of presence are all any of us have. Doing what’s right for YOU, following your heart’s intuition and paths of growth, take courage. If they didn’t, everyone would be grand spiritual teachers overnight. But the truth is, once you have chosen to change, you must move on alone into the light. For some, this work is more daunting than for others. God, Spirit, or what you believe in as the One, is in you and with you always, but cannot make the journey for you. If you can courageously maneuver your way through past issues and self-reflection, you can become the highest version of yourself.  The love and compassion that will surely grow in you during this process will reflect onto those you love. During this phase, we are growing at what seems like a snail’s pace, but we are in fact, growing. Claim your domain and set the foundation for what you want to grow and blossom into. And even though you are just a small stem reaching towards the sun, keep the faith that one day you will become a tall, bright, beautiful flower.

Wishing you great abundance & growth!

Lonny & Kristen

Here are some things to incorporate into this cycle:

  • Any colors in the green scheme. Change your desktop background, phone wallpaper, and clothing you choose to include green shades that represent love, healing, growth, and nurturing.
  • Use a therapeutic grade essential oil like, Young Living’s Awaken or Believe blends, and if not, a candle, or room spray that has floral notes. Rose in particular, stimulates and uplifts you, while bringing harmony and balance.
  • Go here and do poses 5 warrior I, 6 warrior II, 7 warrior III, 9 chair pose I, 15 standing side stretch, 17 tree pose, and 19 sun salutation.  While performing each pose, breathe in deeply and exhale making the sound “ha” which helps to clear and open your heart chakra.
  • Listen to any version of uplifting but balancing music. We like Jonathan Goldman’s free download, Chakra Tune Up.

LEAP into April!

Welcome to a whole new cycle of LEAP! The Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play program from Souls Converge. New here? Welcome! You may want to read our beginning launch of the program back in our initial post (The Moon And You), but you don’t need to in order to follow us now, here in this moment of presence. Subscribe to our blog to get the program as soon as we post it directly to your inbox or mobile device. Also, we will be sending occasional reminders and helpful tips throughout the program to assist you in your daily growth if you are a subscriber.

And just like that, a new beginning is upon us once again…

For these next few days we find ourselves welcoming the New Moon in a sprouting phase. For our LEAP program, we are in the “Love” portion, primarily focusing on the love for ourselves. We can sometimes allow our minds to control our emotional heart. Yes, we mean “allow”, as everything is up to you when it comes to your mind. At this moment in time, the mass idea or signal being sent out over the consciousness grid through governments and internet reporting is fear: “Fear what has happened in Japan, it is going to affect you, and/or it could happen to you where ever you live. ” Or “The government shut down for 2011 is coming!” This was one of the most searched subjects on Google today. Just like you choose what you put in your car to drive, choose what you feed yourself when you absorb the negativity on the news, television shows, and people in social situations. Be more aware of the negative show premise or the “friend” who feeds off the drama of others. You wouldn’t expect your car to run well off soda would you? The fact is; there are horrible occurrences all over the world, in your country and in your neighborhood happening everyday. If it were our soul’s purpose to walk in fear and be paralyzed by happenings, we would be a very weak civilization. And in many respects we are. In our attraction of the worst of things to occur we are weak, but as individuals seeking a higher purpose and better existence in the here and now, we are strong and not ruled by fear, but love. For that we must rejoice! The positive light love gives to all things is, in fact, our main purpose. The moment you can steer your direction of thinking to this, is the moment you will move towards awakening.

The bible says, “I am the Lord thy God. Fear not, for I am with you.” The Spirit of God dwells in the heart of everyone and everything that IS. Man is the measure of the universe.  You are the Heavens and the Earth. You were created and can create from that same place from which you were spoken into loving existence – the heart. You are one with the existence of this moment, not as the worker/mother/boyfriend/34 year old, but the soul that has purpose and love to reflect into this physical realm of consciousness. You are a physical being that is capable of great things and great mistakes, but you have to move on from them. Love and forgive yourself for past indiscretions and move forward to the One you wish to be.

MAKE TIME for yourself right now. This means real time, stillness, not just another distraction. Find a quiet place, sit and try to let yourself be wrapped in calmness and let all of your worries go. Use our “Breathe the Light” meditation and listen to our favorite sounds meditation “Holy Harmony” by Jonathan Goldman and say, write or repeat in your thoughts “Ho’oponopono.”   If you find your mind is just too busy at the moment to enjoy stillness, find something that inspires you to be positive, like an upbeat music list, inspirational movie, or heartfelt book.

While you are in this place, ask yourself what you want, if money, time, and you, were no object or obstacle. If you could just lovingly become and grow into anything, what would it be? Even if right now you can only see as far as tomorrow, focus on what you will be a better version of tomorrow. Write this down in a journal, or on post-its to place in your workspace or car, type notes for yourself in your phone, or place them into your calendar to go off during the day as reminders. These are the seeds that are sprouting through this cycle of LEAP. Let go of how much you didn’t grow or follow through with any previous things. Forgive yourself for small and large situations. It’s done, (although you may have lingering issues attached to these incidents), the actual moment and time of their negative light you are holding onto is in the past. The Now is upon us and you must move on, completely letting go of your attachment to your past mistakes.

This is a great time to cleanse. We like the Master Cleanse, but you can choose to cleanse or detox anyway you feel healthiest. Even if that means just cutting out fast food for now, it’s a start, and we guarantee you will feel the difference. The more you can assist yourself in a higher vibration the more you will feel alive and energized to grow during the LEAP phases.

As you move through these next couple days, find a moment or two to retreat into nature.  For you, maybe this is a city park, or perhaps an entire coastline or forest, whichever the case, you will find your seeds beginning to grow and time out in the sunshine will nurture these positive thoughts.

5 Things to Focus on:

1. Let go and forgive – yourself! Use “Breathe the Light” meditation to assist you in finding the things you are holding onto and they will release from you. You can also use “Ho’oponopono” during this.

2. Allow for more love than fear. Surround yourself with good choices and heartfelt decisions of what you listen to, read, watch and say.

3. Take time to focus on you and communicate your intentions to the Universe.

4. A time for Cleansing: Epsom salt baths, cutting out fast food, participating in a green drink or master cleanse system, and sun bathing, all while drinking plenty of water and finding time for nature.

5. Above all else – LOVE. Be a shining example of it to everyone, but most importantly – you. Love yourself and in turn that love will shine and feed others.

Additional Recommendations:

This indigo blue color, (to the right), represents self realization, inner senses, intuition, deep connections to the moon, spirit, magic, mystery, and clearing your mind. Perhaps try wearing it this phase or place candles or tea-lights of this color around where you’re meditating. Set the wallpaper on your phone to it or at work, set your desktop background to something like it from a simple search for “indigo blue” through google images .

For scents and smells: Lavender to release tensions, and promote calm. Citrus choices like Tangerine and earthy ones like patchouli provide clarity and tranquility. We are addicted to the Young Living Oils and their blends. A great one for this phase of LEAP is their Peace & Calming Oil containing a therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.

As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage your loving insights. This is a program, but in no way, a rigid one. We bring you this with loving intentions and open hearts to share these truths, in hopes that they speak to you specifically in any way they are meant to. We hope you are blessed by our LEAP posts, and look forward to building our community, Souls Converge. Feel free to share this online through social media, or forward it onto someone you think may benefit.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny & Kristen Carr


By staying in tune with the moon and its cycle in the heavens you are grounding yourself into the present moment and keeping in rhythm with the cycles of nature. This is something our distant relatives were much more skilled at than we are presently. Our program here is a part of our overall theme of body, mind and soulful living with a concentration on the moon and it’s effects on us. You can read a bit more about it here. It’s time to plant your seeds! The seeds of what you want to manifest in your life.  It could be anything you choose, just remember to do so from the heart and LEAP while you do it.  The purpose of LEAP, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), is that no matter what you do or where you go, you should be feeling at least one or all of those loving emotions. At times when things are difficult, “Appreciation” will more than likely be something to work on. In any situation you can change it, remove yourself or accept it and surrender to it. As always, we work on these things as we grow everyday. It is more difficult in certain stages than others, but the conscious effort to be aware IS growth. For this last phase our Play theme of LEAP continues.

This is a time to surrender your body, heart, and mind to Spirit and allow everything to be just as it is.  Its a time to be at peace with yourself and others while carrying out your days with non-judgement. This is a fight for your ego. It does not enjoy any turning over of “control” or lack of constant commentary on any given situation. Surrendering and the act of letting go can seem like death to an ego that wants to hold onto everything, This is actually positive. Your ego, although a flashing constant, is something that can bring many dark parts to your life, and the more you can quiet it the better. If you surrender and just allow for any present situation, your mind and ego cannot partner up so easily with what “could” be and how you “should” have done something differently.

As the new moon approaches, many find themselves tired but refuse to let go and surrender.  Instead of sleeping and resting when their bodies tell them to they put sugar and caffeine into their systems to stay awake and be “productive” up until they crash.  When this happens, they can be very unpleasant to be around and you may find yourself judging or being one of them.  Do your best to remain at ease and non-judgemental.  They are simply imbalanced and out of tune with themselves and nature. If this is you right now, go outside, have a good tea instead of coffee, eat something of great living energy, like sprouts or fruits and vegetables. You can be grumpy and irritable within reason, but don’t add to it by providing your body and mind with junk. Read and watch positive things and wear or surround yourself with more dark colors like blues, browns, blacks and gray just like a seed would be surrounded in the ground. Some “Present Time” from Young Living will really help bring you into the now of everything. The spruce (grounding) and ylang ylang (balancing) in the blend are sure fire natural mood enhancers for this particular phase and though it may not make you Suzy Sunshine, it could prevent you totally attacking the next person that just says the wrong thing to you. ;-P

Allow yourself and others to be just as you are – they and you have every right to choose how to experience this lifetime.  Instead, avoid the ones you can and focus on yourself.  If you are tired – sleep or meditate and avoid things like non-energizing fast foods and caffeine.  It is said that thirty minutes of deep meditation can replace up to four hours of sleep.  Lay in Corpse Pose and let your mind go where it wants to. Listen to Holy Harmony and if you fall asleep it’s OK.  There are no rules right now,  just go with the flow.

When you are awake remember to be playful, cheerful, smile and laugh.  Change somebody’s day by giving them a genuine smile.  Have compassion for that person in your life that makes things so difficult. You have no idea what he or she has gone through, what they were dealt for this life, or things they have no knowledge of. Liberate yourself, be grateful for what you do know is right and most importantly, have fun.

The seed is planted so let it germinate!

  1. Hand to Feet
  2. Standing Forward Bend
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Garland
  5. Hero
  6. Child
  7. Seated Forward Bend
  8. Sage Twist
  9. Wind Relieving
  10. Plough
  11. Fish
  12. Corpse

We hope you have found this first cycle of LEAP beneficial. It is our prayer that it brings you growth and abundance. Every cycle we will bring different portions of the program to light and are open to your feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to hear. Subscribe to our blog (at right) and check out our website for upcoming events and retreats (coming soon).

With the utmost gratitude for you all,

Lonny & Kristen


“Surrender to Spirit” Artist Kathy Rose

Available for purchase

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