Body, Mind and Soulful Living

Grow with us!

Welcome to the Souls Converge blog!  We are a strong spiritual family who live to fulfill our purpose here and give back to our community, of souls. We have been following the signs and direction of the Universe as much as possible in our lives and feel we have been lead here, to create “Souls Converge”. We work from our home base in Mendocino, CA on 10+ acres of beautiful lush redwood filled property on the river. We look forward to launching our retreats here soon and providing valuable workshops and the LEAP program through our website and facebook.

Our mission is to provide healthy, vibrant spiritual elements, to better your body, mind and soul. We believe “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Create yourself anew.
 We pray that we may provide something of value to our fellow souls. If even one need is fulfilled by our work then we believe we have done our job. This endeavor is a work of great faith, love and compassion from our family to yours. Our intention is for us to have the utmost gratitude for one another and provide whatever we are meant to in hopes of growing all of our spiritual paths.


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