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The Moon & You

The moon is a spectacular sight that we, (like so much beauty in our lives) may take for granted.  Despite the Moon’s familiarity, sometimes we forget what a profound impact it has on our planet and our soul’s existence here.

For the most part, people are aware of the moon’s sheer tractive force on the tides of our powerful ocean and since that is such a widely accepted FACT, we would assume that the thought of the moon’s power on us and our energy would be as well. Considering each one of our bodies contains up to 78% water at any given time, it would only make sense. But do to folklore of  werewolves and witches for the last few centuries, scientists have scoffed. Now, according to new research they’re not so sure. The Moon may not be made of cheese, but it influences a lot more down on Earth than was previously believed. There is of course no coincidence that the word “luna” means moon, and it’s connection to the word “luna-tic”.  However, there are many great energies and inspiring emotions we can gain from the moon in each particular portion of it’s 28 day cycle.

The LEAP program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), will indeed be a tool to implement into your daily choices and awareness of the energies, colors, scents, moods, exercises and activities best for each portion of the cycle of the moon and it’s influence over us. We hope the program helps us all to work WITH the moon and it’s energy for our lives. Each Lunar Month- beginning with each New Moon- has eight Lunar Phases, each approximately 3.7 days long. Each eight individual lunar phases, their characteristics, and how they are expressed in our daily lives are what the LEAP program will focus around. For a start, let’s express a new theme, following the moon with awareness – the New Moon which begins tomorrow, March 4th!

Join us as we LEAP!


Comments on: "The Moon & You" (2)

  1. march 4th – march forth! love it! great new page, blog and everything. i’m looking forward to hearing more.

  2. love it! looking forward to following your moon path 🙂

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