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Day 2 of LEAP

Welcome back! We hope you are feeling ready to follow us and move forward with Day 2. If you have just joined us, good for you and welcome! Please read our start off for the LEAP program below this post in yesterday’s blog.

Our goal is to guide you in any way we can to really “LEAP” (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) every moment of your life.  In working with and from the energy that surrounds us, instead of against it, you can form a more meaningful experience in your ever-changing “now”. We hope you find yourself more aware, and ready to LEAP as we begin our journey.

Saturday, March 5th, LEAP DAY 2:

The Moon is still in the beginning stages of the “New Moon”. We are still in a cleansing mode. Releasing old patterns, seeding ideas to change them, and clearing the mind of un-necessary negativity. You should continue with listening to solfeggio tones, Holy Harmony we suggested yesterday, while laying in corpse pose and actively participating in a cleansing or detoxifying practice like the ones we suggested in yesterday’s blog.

Our hearts and minds control every aspect of how we experience this life we live. Our minds can really play a large role in our happiness. We can HAVE all the wonderful things our hearts desire in the world and in our heads still not be happy. You may know the people who hold onto so many past negative experiences, and as soon as you speak to them they HAVE to dump onto you their story of how they were wronged sometime 10 years ago and how much happier they COULD be if it had been different “back then”. You may even be one of those people. Most of us were a version of that at some point or still struggle with it today. The best practice to move forward is to let go of the past.

Our minds tend to absorb life experiences in very different ways. Subconscious thought patterns or memories and old programing that continues on a loop in our minds, causing fear, anxiety, pain, frustration, and overall negative emotions is what keeps most people in a depressed, un-happy state of mind. However, if we can allow for Divine wisdom or inspiration to grow in a way that we are willing to release those old replaying versions of who we “were” or “are” and release those memories holding us back, we can find ourselves within arms reach of reconnecting with our source. (God, The Universe, The One, Enlightenment, whatever you hold sacred and divine.)

Just one effective exercise we have found for clearing negativity and seeking Divine Intervention is an ancient method called “Ho’ oponopono” – which in Hawaiian means – to cleanse or make right.

The basics of the saying is that we must take full responsibility for each and every moment and experience in our lives. This proves difficult for so many of us, as we can feel that we don’t create problems and struggles on purpose. However, our minds are always at work, and often in the background of any present moment, attracting things we don’t lovingly want in our lives.

Use “Ho’ oponopono” to erase and let go of those old patterns and memories brewing negativity and reconnect with Divinity. You simply repeat these four simple phrases as you focus on letting go:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”

As you say each portion, you are speaking to the higher One, “I take full responsibility for the appearance of these problems in my life, even if I don’t know how I created them. Please clear these memories and make this situation right again. Thank you. I love you.” As we said yesterday, this is a time for inner connections and self-love. This exercise is for you to release yourself and anything that could be holding you back as you embark on your journey for growth.

Yesterday we suggested you visualize dropping your problems into a well or pond and watch as they disappear under the water. Today, write your problems down onto paper, (we prefer re-using as much as possible – perhaps choose mistaken printed papers or junk mail blank sides). Now that you have written anything looming over you, stressing you out, or worrying you, do the breathe the light meditation (see below) focusing on those things you just wrote down.  Tear the paper writings into pieces, while reciting the “Ho’ oponopono” phrases aloud. Burn the torn pieces of paper in a safe place you can empty, like a small metal can or large ashtray one by one. Release the negativity associated with each one as it burns. After you have burned them all, empty the ashes into the toilet and flush them down. This will help you better visualize the process of releasing them and letting go.

Take moments you feel positive about to work on these suggestions for Day 2. We will always remind you, life is not a race. Every moment is yours to do with as you wish and we hope for an ever more present awareness for each one of you. Be patient with yourself, you just started! Tomorrow is a new day!

Breathe the light meditation- Breathe in through your nose, (you may have your eyes closed if you wish). When you breathe in, focus on gathering all the light and positive energy in the area around you and distributing it throughout your entire body all the way to your toes and finger tips. When you exhale pull and gather all the dark and negative energy from everywhere in your body and “huff” it out into the air to expel it. Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary.


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