Body, Mind and Soulful Living

Days 3 & 4

Welcome back! You should feel a bit more awake today and more energized to move forward with Days 3 & 4. If you have just joined us, good for you and welcome! Please read our start off for the LEAP program here.

The past couple days we’ve been sprouting our seeds underground and now, we’ve emerged onto the surface. We can welcome the sun and water as attention and nurture respectively. These next two days are a good time to connect with and retreat into nature. For example, find a park and try to surround yourself with as many elements as possible; earth/grass, wood/tree, metal/rock or mountain, water/stream or pond, etc. Open your senses fully by listening to the birds, smelling the air, walking barefoot on the ground, observing animals and even the leaves movement on the tress.

The last couple of days we’ve focused on letting go of the things we do not want in our lives anymore. Now, its time to remember what it is you DO want to manifest this month. Begin thinking about the positive things you wish to attract.

Days 3 & 4 are also good days to take an epsom salt bath or sit in a steam room or sauna and open up your pores to help sweat out some of the toxins that have been released from the detox or cleansing you have chosen.

Perhaps start a journal where you write down your goals. You can go to it a few times a week to keep yourself accountable for your portion of making them happen.

If you have been doing a fast, cleanse or detox of some sort, Day 3 would be your last day.

5 Things to Focus on:

  1. Continue listening to Holy Harmony to balance yourself and do the “Breathe the light meditation”.
  2. Continue to do “Ho’oponopono” except now do it in front of the mirror while making eye contact with yourself.  If you cant tell yourself and mean it, then you cant sincerely tell anyone else either.
  3. Focus on where you want to move forawrd now that you’ve “let go”.
  4. Reatreat into nature. Even if it’s just your backyard.
  5. Nurture yourself with some good attention like a long meditative bath.

Our next post is on Tuesday. We will begin the growing phase while we continue in the “Love” theme of LEAP.

Every portion of this is a path for growth. Give yourself time to absorb these suggestions. Sometimes you may just need to read and not actively do everything mentioned. It’s ok, your pace is the only one that matters. Life is not a race- it’s a souls individual journey through a human experience to live fully and find happiness.

As always, we are wishng you great abundance & growth!

Lonny & Kristen

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