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As you join us today, we find ourselves continuing on with the “Love” theme of the LEAP program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, and Play), which began on the New Moon, (March 4th), and lasts until the first quarter of the lunar cycle.

Today marks the beginning of the Crescent Moon as we make the transition from the sprouting phase to the growing phase.

As a recap, In the seeding phase of the lunar cycle we completely surrendered our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to the new moon by detoxifying, grounding, and resting our seeds into the ground. You can read the full details of the past phase days starting with the fist one here.

Then, we lovingly went within ourselves through acceptance and forgiveness until we began to slowly awaken and sprout underground. Once we emerged onto the surface, we opened our senses and connected with the nature that surrounded us.

Now, it’s time to claim your domain and set the foundation for the plant or tree that you want to grow and blossom into. To do so, we must ask ourselves an important question of happiness.

But first, we want to remind you that the purpose of the LEAP program is to achieve happiness by living in harmony with nature as we create a healthy body and a peaceful mind, all while cultivating the emotions of love, enjoyment, appreciation, and playfulness into our daily lives.

We might ask ourselves what does a “happy” plant or tree look like?  For a start it would have strong roots and a fine balance of sun (attention) and water (nurture).  Not too much or too little of either, or it will never grow to its full potential.  The “happy” plant would stand up straight, be open and full on all sides with healthy, vibrant leaves.  A “happy ” tree would produce beautiful aromatic flowers and the most wonderful tasting fruit.

As we continue in the “Love” theme for this week, we can begin to manifest some of  these qualities in our own lives by following the practices below.  Try to participate in each exercise for the next three and a half days.

  • Warrior and sun salute yoga series using the “Ha” breathing.  These poses along with the “Ha” breathing technique will root us into the ground and align our posture while opening our hearts.
  • Go here and do poses 5 warrior I, 6 warrior II, 7 warrior III, 9 chair pose I, 15 standing side stretch, 17 tree pose, and 19 sun salutation.  While performing each pose, breathe in deeply and exhale making the sound “ha” which helps to clear and open your heart chakra.
  • Listen to Jonathan Goldman’s “Chakra Balancing“.  Sit in a comfortable position, straighten your spine, (without straining), and  listen to the sounds with both ears equally all while focusing on each chakra.  You can chant along with them as well. You may find this quite empowering.
  • Positive affirmations starting with “I choose to” plus a goal.  Say them as many times as possible throughout the day.  For example, going with the moon theme, “I choose to be present and live a healthy and balanced life.”  Or, going with the “Love” theme of LEAP, “I choose to be more loving and accepting of others.  I choose to be happy.” Or any one that you come up with that sings to your soul. Simply writing them on a post it note and putting them up all over; next to your keys by the door, on the steering wheel of your car, or on your computer monitor at work, will all assist you in really embracing them throughout your day.

During this phase try incorporating the color scheme of green into your life. On your desktop at work, on your phone, in the clothes or socks you choose, perhaps the pen you use or the bag you pick for re-usable groceries this week. Shades of green represent love, healing, growth, nurturing, and a balancing of the heart chakra.

Young Living’s Rose Oil, (or any therapeutic grade Rose oil), would be great for this time. Rose helps bring harmony and balance with stimulating and uplifting properties. What flowers do you think of when you think of love? Rose has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance.


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  1. Crystal Graff said:

    Wonderful! Simply wonderful! Thank you!!!

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