Body, Mind and Soulful Living


During this Gibbous Moon phase we find ourselves still in the “Enjoy” theme of our LEAP program. If you’re just now joining us, LEAP, stands for Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play. Welcome to our newest followers! To those of you that have been following along, we are so grateful! We pray this is giving you something of substance to work into your life. Our goal is to better your soul’s existence in some small way for growth towards a more balanced body, mind and soulful living experience.

On a quick side note, the events in Japan are heavy on all of our hearts. We feel we must balance this sadness and heavy energy of loss with positive living energy from us here. As you follow along with any portion of this LEAP phase, a good way to give to Japan would be to dedicate some of your loving, higher vibrations to that area of the earth. Focus on yourself first and what your soul needs, and then freely send any extra attention and love you have to them in a cooling light of comfort.

Earth is protected and connected through a Collective Consciousness Grid. This grid is why you can be thinking of something along with millions of others in the world and it happens the very next day. This is a power that governments, scientists and spiritual leaders know about and often don’t mention because of it’s great power. The best part is that it’s completely accessible to all of us at any given time and with the right attitude and thoughts we can truly change entire events for the better. Keep that in mind when you are doing these portions of LEAP every few days or so, and know that for every inch you grow in your path to the best version of YOU, awareness grows in the overall human experience here on Earth along with you, through the Collective Consciousness Grid. Who can resist being cheered up in the presence of laughing happy children? You can be that child-like soul enjoying every present moment for those next to you on the ride into work, all the way to those in Japan – each one feeling and receiving your positive happy energy.

“He who enjoys doing, and enjoys what he has done, is happy.” -German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your enjoyment begins here in the pollinating phase.  The flower of your soul that was beginning to open up in the last phase is now fully blossomed and its time for attraction. If there is something that you desire and find is not coming to you, it always means the same thing; at this time you are not a vibrational match to that desire. You may have to readjust your mind frame a bit, your priorities of wants or fear based choices in order to make the attraction and abundance align for you.

Open up and reveal your inner beauty to the world.  Raise your vibration so that it matches your desires and release your “scent” like a flower would to attract bees, until it attracts exactly what you need at this time to bring your goals into fruition.  Wait patiently while the Universe goes to work and sends you guidance in its many different forms. Then, LISTEN. Signs are truly everywhere. If your hair stands up when you are about to cross the street, pay attention to that. If you get a “bad feeling” when walk into a store, walk out. If you pass a place that for some reason seems like you should go into, go.

Connect with family, friends and loved ones. Share with them your thoughts, feelings, and desires of what you are experiencing. Notice how they respond to you and listen carefully to their hidden words of wisdom. Try to seek out the people who resemble your current energy or vibration, as negative people can bring you down. Pay attention to the signals you get from others when speaking about your emotions and feelings. Perhaps there is someone you love searching for someone to talk to and they just needed to hear you say something that they were feeling as well.

This is a great time to get out of the house and explore new things, maybe even with some of the family, friends or loved ones we mentioned previously, (we’re all about the “2 birds, one stone” philosophy).  Visit a museum, go to a beach you’ve never explored or a new hike, a gallery of photographs, an open house for a new business, etc.

So far, we have offered yoga exercise suggestions that have been primarily focused on grounding and opening our lower chakras.  Now, is the  time to open and lengthen the spine so that the energy we have been building can rise up and open our upper chakras.  Please remember to take caution when doing these stretches, especially since they focus so much on the spinal chord.

Warm up with alternating breathing and then do the poses in this order.

  1. Standing forward bend
  2. Standing side stretch
  3. Downward dog
  4. Dog
  5. Bow
  6. Garland
  7. Half spinal twist
  8. Seated forward bend
  9. Sage twist
  10. Shoulder stand
  11. Plough
  12. Fish

When you are finished sit in Lotus position as you did before.  Your index finger and thumb touch while the back of your hands or wrists rest on the inside of your knees (or whatever your best version of this is for your comfort level). If you cannot sit in full lotus try half lotus or just sit cross-legged. Concentrate on “OM” and begin to hum or chant it. You may choose to listen to Holy Harmony by Jonathan Goldman and chant to resonate with the ancient Hebrew name for the Christ (Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey). This is one of our fall back meditation methods.

Here are a couple video links for you to use along with your meditation which will assist you in raising your vibration.

OM Mantra

The Wave of Love

We send you the utmost gratitude for your participation, and see many more people joining us in the future. How amazing would it be to work in harmony with our earth and moon in a balanced existence here? Listening, loving, living alongside one another, enjoying our lives and the vast experiences we are granted here.

Wishes of growth and abundance for your path, and comforting loving thoughts over the miles.

~Lonny and Kristen

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