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Today, we find ourselves welcoming a “super” Full Moon. The closest one to us here on earth in 18 years. No doubt it’s effects will be more prevalent today than many other moon phases. Our LEAP program (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) finds us in a time of gestation and realization of the goals and energy we have put forth. We are now in the “Appreciate” portion of the program. If you have just joined us, we pray you use LEAP as a tool for balancing your loving human nature with the moon cycles.

Today in the news we read that The U.S. launched air strikes on Libya, Japan detected radiation in their food supply, never-ending gossip about celebrities, and thankfully a story or two about the “super” moon and it’s relation to us here on earth. Although it may seem that the news in the past week or two has been unusually upsetting, in all reality, there are major events happening all around, everyday. Earth shattering – perhaps, but every event that takes place only has as much weight as you and you mind allow for. Of course, natural disasters are in fact overwhelmingly negative and emotionally stirring, but there are some people who allow Japan’s terrible wreckage to stand equally with their latest drama in the office. This is an unfortunate and most likely unconscious mindset, but a highly common one. If you can recognize this and put forth an effort to change you will see it take place in your life.

At this time in the moon’s phase we shift our focus and illuminate the things we are grateful for. Relax during this time and calmly search for a clear path to all things gratitude. List your thankfulness for today and things to come in the future. In a day or so you may feel a more urgent sense for growth amid rapid waters of life without enough time to organize or accomplish your goals. We intend the following to help you just release and go with it.

Remember, “What you resist, persists.” Eckhart Tolle

We have the tendency to blame “something” or “someone” else when an event perceived by our minds to be negative occurs. Then, our egos turn right around and pat themselves in the back and say “you worked hard for it” and glorify a positive outcome to be our own doing. Perhaps you did work hard for it, but you worked just as hard for the negative. Your mind was hard at work to attract it, perhaps pushing so hard against it that the negative pushed back with equal force, and your heart’s loving focus just wasn’t strong enough to over-ride it. There is something to be said for letting go of the idea that you have done everything on your own to accomplish your life’s positives and surrender to a higher power’s hand in the process. For many of us it is difficult to even ask for help when we’re clearly drowning in life’s everyday challenges. Being able to say, “I feel helpless, and I need guidance/assistance with this problem. I surrender to the Universe”, is for most, the first major step towards actively creating our lives.

There is a Native American belief in a Clan Mother for every moon cycle. This moon cycle in particular, is presided over by “Weighs The Truth”. She is believed to teach and represent Divine Law and is the fair judge of human rights, the Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice. In the book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, Author Jamie Sams talks about how “Weighs the Truth” sends gratitude even for the great burdens bestowed upon the people. Think “purple” and try to incorporate it into your life this phase. It represents the crown chakra and unity of you and Spirit. For years we have taken up the practice of a gratitude journal. At this time, we think it is important to find a way to incorporate one into your daily schedule. This is rather easy and a great start to shifting your intentions to the positive. Your gratitude journal should reflect the truth and gratitude for every situation, even the burden of the really upsetting ones.

Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy, although by all means find one that sings to your heart! It can be as simple as a lined notebook, just make sure you dedicate it ONLY for this exercise of daily gratitude. The Universe works on truth, so should your journal. For every entry write the day of the week as well as the date. Sometimes if you feel it’s important to you, include the event for that day as well, (your birthday, anniversary, child’s birthday, etc). Then, place 2 columns under everyday, one that bullet points actual things that took place and another to write your gratitude for that day and things to attract future gratitude for. It is important to write your entries at night just before bed. If you write them in the morning and put “lunch with Candace” and then your friend Candace re-schedules for tomorrow, then the “truth” side of your journal now has an un-truth. Sometimes you may have a un-eventful day and stayed home, then write, “brushed my teeth”, “ate lunch”, “watched a movie”. Add in all the details you can, (see below). The more specific and accurate you can be, the better. The point is to have the gratitude column for the future things you desire and the positive gratitude for today to reflect off the power of truth you have written on the opposite side.

Here’s an example of an entry:

Friday, March 18th, 2011 (Uncle’s Birthday)

-Brushed my teeth with                         -I am thankful for my loving husband

with Tom’s natural toothpaste             -Money comes to assist us in our work

-Saw a baby deer running on the        -I keep a positive light, and easily

right hand side of the road                     conquer negative thoughts & energy

-Tired, had a long day of work             -My job loss presents me with opportunity

and rainy drive home                               for positive focus on what I really want

As we stated earlier, purple is a great color to implement into gratitude for future desires of attraction. It harnesses the soul’s power and sense of knowing. When you write something on the gratitude side, know in your heart that it will be so.

You will find some days more challenging to write than others, but commit to writing entries as often as you can, every night is best. Eventually you will become quite creative at re-wording the seemingly negative into positive attraction for future gratitude in your everyday life. You may also have days, that you have much more gratitude to write than truth of happenings for that day. There are no rules here, but we certainly never hold back writing more gratitude or positive attraction for gratitude in our journals. Take these ideas and implement the direction your soul has been longing to go. Allow this to be a time to trust yourself, take action and look towards appreciating all you have right here, right now. Thoughts and intentions are at a point of fruition.

A truly awakening essential oil for this period in time is the Gratitude blend from our favorite therapeutic essential oil company, Young Living. This is a blend to always have in your collection. With 6 perfectly matched oils, it is designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, bring relief to the body, all while helping to foster a grateful attitude. Truly a blessing for your sense of smell.

The poses below are meant to open you up and get your body’s energy flowing in balance with the moon phase. Hold the feeling of appreciation and gratitude in your heart while going through each pose. Begin with breathing the light (found in this post) and draw in the illumination of this “super” full moon. Imagine its light filling every single corner of your body with pure loving Universal energy.

  1. Spread leg forward fold
  2. Chair pose I
  3. Warrior I
  4. Warrior II
  5. Chair II
  6. Tree
  7. Sun salutation
  8. Seated forward bend
  9. Child
  10. Full boat
  11. Bridge
  12. Corpse

This meditative walk is structured to bring clarity. It would be good to find time for it outside among the ever-changing, life-filled surroundings to really focus on the exercise and its calming effects:

walking meditation

As always we feel blessed to be able to provide something of substance to even one person. Our goal is to have the LEAP program be a tool towards many souls more balanced, loving existence here. We wish you growth and abundance!

~Lonny and Kristen

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  1. This is such I great thing to start, putting the words of gratitude on paper and out in the universe. I am excited to start my gratitude book!!

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