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The Disseminating Moon phase or harvesting portion of collective energy is upon us. The focus of LEAP today is primarily on appreciation, more specifically, tithing. If you are just joining us, we are so grateful to have you and each and every one of our followers. We pray that the LEAP (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) program that Souls Converge has created, is bringing all of you something of great value. LEAP is a huge portion of our tithing – from our hearts to the entire spiritual community. We find it to be a great instrument in the law of love.

Edgar Cayce describes the law of love as giving in action, without the force felt, expressed, manifested, shown, desired or reward for that given.

When it comes to the word “tithing” a religious, negative or positive connotation may arise in you. We are not religious in any way. We do not practice a religion, (although, we do highly respect and admire the cultural effects certain religions have on individual souls). We appreciate the simplest form in which most religions were created – for a love of oneself to connect with a higher purpose and Spirit.

An online definition of “Tithe”: A tenth portion of one’s income contributed voluntarily towards something charitable, especially in support towards a spiritual institution.

We are expressing the term “tithing” here to work as a word to represent, giving back, setting aside something for a higher purpose out into the Universe, for no payback to you, but simply for the act of giving freely, and if it is truly that way in your heart, we believe, it is destined to reflect abundance. We are all aware of the fact that in this life there are many good deeds that go un-rewarded. However, if you give from a place of love, not searching for any outcome, and If there is a focus on what the other will receive, instead of what you may get in return, then that is the basis of true giving and manifesting love.

While there are countless experiments linking tithing to great abundance, there is a particular 1940’s story about a Michigan farm experiment of tithing that presented itself in great truth to us to share.

It began with one group, a following of friends and locals, and one cubic inch of wheat. The group blessed the wheat and made a commitment to tithe ten percent of its harvest to their local church. The first year’s harvest was fifty cubic inches, and as promised, the group tithed ten percent (5 cubic inches) to the church, which was given to the minister for breakfast. The remaining nine-tenths of the harvest was re-planted and blessed. By the third year, the larger public learned of this and the blessing of the next harvest planting was attended by press, locals, and Henry Ford himself, (an avid believer in tithing). By the time they reached the sixth and final year of the experiment, the group did not have enough land to plant the nine-tenths harvested wheat in. Local farmers agreed to keep careful records for the remaining year of the experiment, and take the extra wheat on to their land for the group. The final harvest after six years of planting only nine-tenths of the harvest each year was 72,150 bushels of wheat. And so, the tithe given was 7,215 bushels.

At the very beginning of this experiment careful thought and planning went into a miller to not only keep track of the harvest but to also compare the group’s yields with the yield of other wheat farmers in the area. The miller gave them an average production summary that they should have hit had they not tithed: 5,297 bushels.

planting ten-tenths = 5,297 bushels

planting nine-tenths (one-tenth to “God”) = 72, 150 bushels

The tithe from their last harvest was greater than the entire harvest would have been had they not tithed at all. In the miller’s further production analysis of the harvest he found that if they had continued their experiment, in the twelfth year there would not have been enough land mass on planet Earth to receive the nine-tenths for another planting.

The point is not who the group gave to, or what they gave, or even how much for that matter, but more that the level of abundance to them was so great because of the entire process. The love and blessing bestowed upon the planting, the intention behind each growing season, the love and free giving that followed in the harvest, all were apart of the great plan of love for the act of giving back. In that act of giving, a great pouring out was delivered to them, as we believe happens in any situation of tithing.

As far as this law of love goes, and in planning your tithing, we suggest meditating with the Holy Harmony meditation and with each out breath sending all your love you have out into the world to be received by any and all who are in need of it. Perhaps you know exactly who to give to, then send your loving meditation to them specifically. If you don’t know, meditate for a sign and direction of where to give. And lastly, at this time for everyone it seems that any “extra” money to tithe would be needed for your own well-being. We completely understand this feeling and if you are not in a place where you feel ready, don’t do it. Fear and tithing do not mix well. But if you are, and can see the love and meaning behind even $5 a week, (we don’t think it’s the percentage of what you are giving so much as the spirit of it all), start today.

Silly cartoon, but it made us laugh.

Find time within your heart to love and freely give love out to others as often as possible. The poses below can be done from this heart center as well to get your body in balance with this time. We continue to suggest a few drops of an essential oil over your heart to focus you, Abundance Oil by Young Living is a great staple. There should be nothing but ease in this process, never any guilt or force. Whatever your level is to give, do that. We also, suggest surrounding yourself with the colors gold and silver as they have great reflecting power for spiritual abundance.

  1. Sun Salutation
  2. Standing Side Stretch
  3. Triangle
  4. Revolved Triangle
  5. Half Spinal Twist
  6. Leg Reclining Lunge
  7. Single Leg Raises
  8. Wind Relieving
  9. Leg to Side
  10. Shoulder Stand
  11. Fish

This is a time of utmost appreciation with LEAP and Souls Converge. We are so appreciative of our path that has led us here to write these for you. We pray you find it in your heart to tithe in some way. In the beginning, the tithe may be only 1% a week, but the energy behind it will prevail.The harvest is at its most grand where there is love, and you just may find you don’t have enough “land” to “re-plant” all you have been blessed with! Our faith lies in that sort of abundance for all of you!

~Lonny and Kristen

Your “harvest” is always welcome here, please send us your positive feedback and sign up for our blog on the right. Subscribers will be getting special program extras and Souls Converge event details before anyone else. If it is in your heart to give towards our work, we accept donations through our website or you can email us at

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