Body, Mind and Soulful Living


By staying in tune with the moon and its cycle in the heavens you are grounding yourself into the present moment and keeping in rhythm with the cycles of nature. This is something our distant relatives were much more skilled at than we are presently. Our program here is a part of our overall theme of body, mind and soulful living with a concentration on the moon and it’s effects on us. You can read a bit more about it here. It’s time to plant your seeds! The seeds of what you want to manifest in your life.  It could be anything you choose, just remember to do so from the heart and LEAP while you do it.  The purpose of LEAP, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), is that no matter what you do or where you go, you should be feeling at least one or all of those loving emotions. At times when things are difficult, “Appreciation” will more than likely be something to work on. In any situation you can change it, remove yourself or accept it and surrender to it. As always, we work on these things as we grow everyday. It is more difficult in certain stages than others, but the conscious effort to be aware IS growth. For this last phase our Play theme of LEAP continues.

This is a time to surrender your body, heart, and mind to Spirit and allow everything to be just as it is.  Its a time to be at peace with yourself and others while carrying out your days with non-judgement. This is a fight for your ego. It does not enjoy any turning over of “control” or lack of constant commentary on any given situation. Surrendering and the act of letting go can seem like death to an ego that wants to hold onto everything, This is actually positive. Your ego, although a flashing constant, is something that can bring many dark parts to your life, and the more you can quiet it the better. If you surrender and just allow for any present situation, your mind and ego cannot partner up so easily with what “could” be and how you “should” have done something differently.

As the new moon approaches, many find themselves tired but refuse to let go and surrender.  Instead of sleeping and resting when their bodies tell them to they put sugar and caffeine into their systems to stay awake and be “productive” up until they crash.  When this happens, they can be very unpleasant to be around and you may find yourself judging or being one of them.  Do your best to remain at ease and non-judgemental.  They are simply imbalanced and out of tune with themselves and nature. If this is you right now, go outside, have a good tea instead of coffee, eat something of great living energy, like sprouts or fruits and vegetables. You can be grumpy and irritable within reason, but don’t add to it by providing your body and mind with junk. Read and watch positive things and wear or surround yourself with more dark colors like blues, browns, blacks and gray just like a seed would be surrounded in the ground. Some “Present Time” from Young Living will really help bring you into the now of everything. The spruce (grounding) and ylang ylang (balancing) in the blend are sure fire natural mood enhancers for this particular phase and though it may not make you Suzy Sunshine, it could prevent you totally attacking the next person that just says the wrong thing to you. ;-P

Allow yourself and others to be just as you are – they and you have every right to choose how to experience this lifetime.  Instead, avoid the ones you can and focus on yourself.  If you are tired – sleep or meditate and avoid things like non-energizing fast foods and caffeine.  It is said that thirty minutes of deep meditation can replace up to four hours of sleep.  Lay in Corpse Pose and let your mind go where it wants to. Listen to Holy Harmony and if you fall asleep it’s OK.  There are no rules right now,  just go with the flow.

When you are awake remember to be playful, cheerful, smile and laugh.  Change somebody’s day by giving them a genuine smile.  Have compassion for that person in your life that makes things so difficult. You have no idea what he or she has gone through, what they were dealt for this life, or things they have no knowledge of. Liberate yourself, be grateful for what you do know is right and most importantly, have fun.

The seed is planted so let it germinate!

  1. Hand to Feet
  2. Standing Forward Bend
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Garland
  5. Hero
  6. Child
  7. Seated Forward Bend
  8. Sage Twist
  9. Wind Relieving
  10. Plough
  11. Fish
  12. Corpse

We hope you have found this first cycle of LEAP beneficial. It is our prayer that it brings you growth and abundance. Every cycle we will bring different portions of the program to light and are open to your feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to hear. Subscribe to our blog (at right) and check out our website for upcoming events and retreats (coming soon).

With the utmost gratitude for you all,

Lonny & Kristen


“Surrender to Spirit” Artist Kathy Rose

Available for purchase

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