Body, Mind and Soulful Living

In this portion of the moon cycle we are at the Crescent Moon, and we are in a growing phase. Growing in love for ourselves still for the LEAP program and that love is beginning to show with others. Discover the real goal for this cycle, make an achievable plan of getting there and know that you can carry it out!

When our minds are full of “what ifs” for money, major aches and pains with no insurance to do anything about them, over $4.00 a gallon and rising gas prices, and a looming government shut down, we don’t particularly find ourselves in a place of great “faith”. We want to KNOW that everything is going to be alright. Be SHOWN how it will all work out in the end, so we can stop freaking out and breathe again. But that’s the funny thing about faith – it has nothing to do with proof, just raw belief in something you cannot see. It makes you choose to be vulnerable to every possible outcome, and somehow, remain calm and collected for the unforeseeable future. Faith is work, and the kind you have to do alone. That work can be dark at times, with no end in sight – building faith in other people to not hurt you again, and faith in yourself to persevere if they do. The forgiveness we have been working on in the previous cycle paves the way for faith to grow.

On a personal note, one recent leap of faith, has brought us here to create Souls Converge and the LEAP program. We turned down obvious high earning job opportunities and “easy” roads to easy lives, and chose the road less traveled. We followed our hearts in the pursuit of what we believed was in both of our soul’s best interests. We saw the rough road and sharp curves ahead and pushed on towards a more “scenic” spiritual route. There was a distinct cry of love to do something we really believed in, and for us, that far out-weighed anything we were turning down or leaving behind. The single choice towards a more soulful life, is an extremely empowering one.

Not ready or willing to see the light in our journey, some perceive us in a way that we have hit the bottom of the barrel in the worldly, material sense. They are partially right. Today, we have the least amount of money we have ever had, and yet we wake up the most at ease in the truth of what we are working towards. We live in a beautiful, peaceful place that provides a simple, sustainable existence – many find “boring”. We found Northern California’s vast coastal expanses of nature, away from everyday distractions, our ideal place, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. We are also not without our low points – we have to do things we don’t particularly “enjoy” to keep us afloat in the life we have chosen here. But we “appreciate” that those things are in place to maintain us, yet keep us focused on our overall path. This choice we made, brought us to an entirely different existence that moves us forward every day, running on the gas of faith alone. Some days there is plenty in the tank and other days none at all, but we keep a forward motion, believing that the love we have for what we’re doing will see us through.

Life is full of single moments and choices that make up the mosaic of your life. These moments and acts of presence are all any of us have. Doing what’s right for YOU, following your heart’s intuition and paths of growth, take courage. If they didn’t, everyone would be grand spiritual teachers overnight. But the truth is, once you have chosen to change, you must move on alone into the light. For some, this work is more daunting than for others. God, Spirit, or what you believe in as the One, is in you and with you always, but cannot make the journey for you. If you can courageously maneuver your way through past issues and self-reflection, you can become the highest version of yourself.  The love and compassion that will surely grow in you during this process will reflect onto those you love. During this phase, we are growing at what seems like a snail’s pace, but we are in fact, growing. Claim your domain and set the foundation for what you want to grow and blossom into. And even though you are just a small stem reaching towards the sun, keep the faith that one day you will become a tall, bright, beautiful flower.

Wishing you great abundance & growth!

Lonny & Kristen

Here are some things to incorporate into this cycle:

  • Any colors in the green scheme. Change your desktop background, phone wallpaper, and clothing you choose to include green shades that represent love, healing, growth, and nurturing.
  • Use a therapeutic grade essential oil like, Young Living’s Awaken or Believe blends, and if not, a candle, or room spray that has floral notes. Rose in particular, stimulates and uplifts you, while bringing harmony and balance.
  • Go here and do poses 5 warrior I, 6 warrior II, 7 warrior III, 9 chair pose I, 15 standing side stretch, 17 tree pose, and 19 sun salutation.  While performing each pose, breathe in deeply and exhale making the sound “ha” which helps to clear and open your heart chakra.
  • Listen to any version of uplifting but balancing music. We like Jonathan Goldman’s free download, Chakra Tune Up.

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