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Last Quarter Playtime

Welcome to the Play portion of LEAP! Our LEAP, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), program is one we offer out in the Universe to anyone who may benefit from it. We pray this portion speaks to you and inspires you to play.

“Play? I can’t play. I have bills, and work, and errands, and kids, and shows to watch, and news to read, and projects to finish…” Oh, we know what you’re thinking. We think it too, we grew up around it, and we’ve heard it all. But the fact is, for balance every now and then, you have to play. You have to enjoy life! Yes, we have to work on ourselves, and our spiritual growth, and how we act towards others, and what we do at work, but we also have to take time to stop and smell the roses.

In our driven society towards status, we work on family roles, friendships, networking etc. because they make us feel important, needed, productive. In our culture, if you have the opportunity to make more money and turn it down, most would think you’re crazy. We aren’t like most. And you aren’t either. You are a growing soul who is learning and growing and knows there is more in this life. We understand it’s difficult to move past that old way of thinking and into the new evolution that is the now. Have compassion for others that are not ready for it and not ready to let go of the version of you they most identify with. In your growth, compassion should prevail for the old you that is no longer and for those that try and bring you back to their level.

Phase out the things that are not who you are, but merely what you do, and what you feel pressured to do from all angles. Today is always a good time for change. Just look at a typical day filled with “must dos”. Notice how it also makes you imbalanced, overtired, moody, frustrated, sensitive, miserable, bored, and stressed. Not to mention what it does to your body and overall health and well-being – But who has time to think of all of that? Who wants to take time out of their day to think about the effects of that day on themselves? Our souls do, but most of the time we don’t find it to be convenient in our lives.

When you were a child, no one had to tell you to play, you just did. You pretended in your room or in the car. You imagined endless magical lands and encounters with other worldly beings. This was completely from the heart, and exactly where we want you to go now.

Find something you love, and do it. You can look for ideas here in the last moon’s play phase. Reschedule the formal lunch date, the work project than can wait until tomorrow, or the 2 hours of surfing along the latest posts on Facebook, and do something that really is fun to you. The daily activities of others are splashed upon the internet and magazines lining the checkout stands in the grocery store. Stop reading about other’s lives and LIVE yours. Take some time and just enjoy playing silly with your children or your pets. Taking a nice walk, hike, or meditative stroll doesn’t cost you anything. And if you have some money, treat yourself to something wonderful like a date with you. Because at the end of all of this, your soul is alone on a journey of spirutal growth through a human experience. Take a moment off and just actively play with and love yourself.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny and Kristen

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