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Moon Signs

We believe that signs are everywhere. For instance, those moments when you see, hear, or think of the same thing over and over in a short period of time. Or when you just feel like you should call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Even those moments when you have to do something or dream you have already done it. These are all signs.

There is no more obvious sign in the dark night sky than the Moon. A sign that the sun is burning brilliantly on the other side of the world. But many signs in our lives are not so obvious and clear. If only all the signs of our lives could be illuminated by the light of the moon, we would surely find ourselves on much clearer paths.

For some people, to say something is a sign merely attributes too much weight to an otherwise called coincidence. There is no way to make someone believe in signs like you do. To the opposition of signs: It is true that our minds have a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs. But, we are a heart-based people, and if a stranger’s child was about to get hit by a car, most would try to save that child. This is not a logical decision based on self-preservation, but most of our hearts would tell us to help another soul. That is the same place in our hearts that follow signs. There is a strong belief in the fact that our souls are the highest versions of our selves. That they hold the key and wisdom gained from lifetimes. There are no studies or facts to prove this to someone or to encourage them to follow signs. The signs that are all around us either speak to your heart or they do not. If you are on the fence about them, at least you are considering them and aware of their possible power and existence in your life.

For us, coincidences rarely occur. We took a road trip that didn’t go the way we had planned in a negative light. The falling out of those plans then led us down the exact road in the middle of dense Northern California country that we ended up moving to and calling home. There were signs everywhere leading us during this road trip – we were just aware of them and followed with faith.

We believe a major part of this discussion is the dis-connect when searching for signs – the lack of a sign. We plead, “Please, please, show me a sign it’s meant to be.” Then nothing happens, (even though we desperately search for signs in everything for the answer we want). It is difficult to accept that sometimes the lack of a sign, is indeed, a sign. And the answer that none of us like to hear, “No.” If you are going to follow signs and really put your faith and vibrational energy into making life decisions based on them, you have to find peace when the answer is not what you had hoped for.

Signs and amazing synchronicities can be attributed largely to the collective consciousness grid. Take the comic strip character Dennis The Menace for example, a story featuring a young boy in a red and black striped shirt debuted on March 12, 1951 in 16 newspapers in the United States. Then, just three days later in the UK, a character called Dennis The Menace, wearing a red and black striped jumper made his debut in the children’s comic The Beano. Both creators denied any connection or communication with one another. Things like this happen all the time and are continuing at an exponential rate. Television shows about spirituality and the scientific connections to once laughed at beliefs like, chakras, auras, clairvoyance, healers, etc. Books coming out with similar stories and subjects without any connection to one another. Our energies are all communicating on levels in the consciousness grid, (some more than others). But perhaps these grid conversations are sending signs to each one of us at particular times in our lives. After all, this is a great time of growth and change in our world, and we are lucky enough to be here to witness it all unfold. If we could just listen for and find the signs being sent to lead us along the way, perhaps we would find ourselves on a successful shortcut to a blissful outcome.

The more we can calm our energy and our minds in daily activity, the more we will be able to tap into and really access the loving vibrations available to us, within us, during the stillness. Meditations like our Breathe The Light and the use of essential oils to open up certain channels are a great start. Then the yoga practices to open our physical bodies, and the holistic approaches to healing, and feeding our souls. How many people do you know that just can’t sit still, eat fast food everyday, and pack their schedules with stressful commitments? We are in control of everything, even our stress. How much money we need to make, and what bills are absolutely necessary. What portions of your stress are for YOU? What portions of your stress are for others? If our energy is balanced, we will find ourselves willing to sit and be still at every opportunity. We will find more energy within us to give to others willingly and lovingly. This is all a major undertaking, but we work at so many things in life that are not worth as much as our souls. When you can find great peace and awareness for the most subtle changes in your surroundings you will see and feel signs clearly. If these signs are markers and instructions from your higher self or a Universal higher One, don’t you think it’s worth listening to?

Take time out of your busy schedule and just sit, breathe, listen.

A believer in signs finds the world we live in has all its own magic. If you need the science behind it all then, Adam Tromley, an astrophysicist and one of the world’s leading experts in zero point technology has the answer for you. He says that the materialization of a single object in space represents one-quadrillionth of the energy available in the volume of that space. So the next time you look up in the sky, you can truly appreciate the amazing energy in play. The Moon reflects the sun’s light for us and controls the tides of the oceans and affects the water within our bodies as well. Or if you think of yourself as an object, you are a very small physical object portraying merely a portion of the energy you are capable of. And this is just the beginning of what science is tapping into. Somehow, our ancestors and people living ages ago had more respect and raw faith in these natural occurrences than we seem to have now in our “advanced” culture. If you really stop and still your mind long enough you can begin to appreciate the sheer greatness all around us. Perhaps you will begin to see like we do- That there are signs everywhere and in everything, if you know where to look and are willing to listen.

Notice synchronicities today. Your soul influences your perceptions by highlighting certain scenes and ideas, causing you to interpret your experience in particular ways. What are you trying to tell yourself? What is the Universe trying to tell you?

Wishing you an abundance of signs!

Lonny & Kristen

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