Body, Mind and Soulful Living

There are few things in life that can make us feel as good, as fast as, “I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day/when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May”. A simple verse or beat of a song can connect like nothing else to your soul. It can make you dance, make you cry, make you want to go on vacation or make you want to clean house. No matter what, songs and music can fill your heart with much joy. Perfect, because right now we are in the Enjoy portion of our LEAP Program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), living in harmony with the Universe and our Moon. Enjoy her tonight as she proudly reflects 66% of the Sun’s rays down upon us, as a Waxing Gibbous.

In Hebrew there are many different words for many different kinds of love, in Japan there is no word that means love, and in English we say we love a shirt using the same vocabulary we do when we say we love our mother. Such poor models for what our heart and souls really mean. However, music can be seen as the Universal language. You can gather hundreds of people together that don’t speak one common language and play a song that they will not just hear but feel something from as well.

Just like Dr. Emoto’s power of water, (proving the power words have to transform and change the molecular structure of water), words have the same amazing power in correlation to our bodies and minds. We find ourselves going through many new transformations, as individuals, as well as, a whole. This is just the beginning of what is to come for the times we are in. The road we are on is a large scale overhaul, a major renovation, if you will. Perhaps one part of our original structure will remain, but all in all we are sure to feel brand new, that is, if we allow for it.

Part of the process for a smooth transition in this looming 2012, (we think), is allowing for the transformation. Allowing for the change and adapting accordingly. Families will be torn apart and there will be a great gnashing of teeth, but only to separate those living in fear and those of us who live by love alone – Well worth fighting for .

As a culture, we have a tendency to push against major change. Probably because change can mean letting go and making do with something different without knowing whether or not that difference will make our lives any better or worse. But it is a Universal constant, and one that we should all get used to, especially in these times of great transformation in our Universe. The collective consciousness grid is rapidly multiplying with all the knowledge and power we are accumulating as spiritual beings during this great shift.

The way we have been living our lives is simply not going to do any longer. We have to go back to the basic Universal Law of Love, living harmoniously with our other beings. We have to take responsibility for what we know to be truth. Truth would be anything that resonates in your heart and speaks to your soul. It goes even further then what we think we know. Like when you get a feeling that something’s not right, you should trust that feeling – It’s your soul’s way of communicating to you physical form. No matter what religion you are or beliefs you follow, any spiritual person would agree that we are to promote healing and loving relationships and ways of life. That we are to take care of our Earth and our souls and not consciously destroy them.

When we are preparing things for other projects here at Souls Converge, we use the power of pyramids, as well as, music for positively charging our work and blessing it. We have been in the final stages of our herbal medicine projects around here and we practice the importance of words and music in that process. Holy Harmony is played directly to all of our tinctures, extracts and herbs brewing. We play it for ourselves when we’re having an off day and on a regular basis for balancing. We choose this particular song because we believe in the power of sacred sounds and the Solfeggio tones included in it’s make up, to be extremely healing and transformational.

Music has such an effect on us and acts almost like a mood altering drug. A simple song can fill us up with light, take us back in time, travel to the moment a loved one passed away. In some of these ways, music can also be an ego’s lasso around the heart. So make sure you take time to evaluate the music you listen to. How does it make you feel? What does it do for your insides? Is it an angry, negative song? Does it emulate love and happiness? Edit your playlists to fit certain moods and get you into others. If you’re in a good mood you are more likely to feel better about yourself and treat others better as well.

As things change so rapidly all around us, take the time to turn off your cell phone & television, even for 15 minutes. Stop what you are doing, turn on a playlist that makes you happy and dance. Dance around your house like no one is watching. Make the kids dance with you, or rock out in your car. Make a bonfire outside, roast some marshmallows, put on some good music and have the whole family dance under the moon! Enjoy the air you are breathing, smiles on the faces of everyone around you, and among all the chaos life can and does bring – simply Enjoy this moment!

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny and Kristen

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