Body, Mind and Soulful Living

In this portion of the moon cycle we are at the Crescent Moon, and we are in a growing phase. Growing in love for ourselves still for the LEAP program and that love is beginning to show with others. Discover the real goal for this cycle, make an achievable plan of getting there and know that you can carry it out!

When our minds are full of “what ifs” for money, major aches and pains with no insurance to do anything about them, over $4.00 a gallon and rising gas prices, and a looming government shut down, we don’t particularly find ourselves in a place of great “faith”. We want to KNOW that everything is going to be alright. Be SHOWN how it will all work out in the end, so we can stop freaking out and breathe again. But that’s the funny thing about faith – it has nothing to do with proof, just raw belief in something you cannot see. It makes you choose to be vulnerable to every possible outcome, and somehow, remain calm and collected for the unforeseeable future. Faith is work, and the kind you have to do alone. That work can be dark at times, with no end in sight – building faith in other people to not hurt you again, and faith in yourself to persevere if they do. The forgiveness we have been working on in the previous cycle paves the way for faith to grow.

On a personal note, one recent leap of faith, has brought us here to create Souls Converge and the LEAP program. We turned down obvious high earning job opportunities and “easy” roads to easy lives, and chose the road less traveled. We followed our hearts in the pursuit of what we believed was in both of our soul’s best interests. We saw the rough road and sharp curves ahead and pushed on towards a more “scenic” spiritual route. There was a distinct cry of love to do something we really believed in, and for us, that far out-weighed anything we were turning down or leaving behind. The single choice towards a more soulful life, is an extremely empowering one.

Not ready or willing to see the light in our journey, some perceive us in a way that we have hit the bottom of the barrel in the worldly, material sense. They are partially right. Today, we have the least amount of money we have ever had, and yet we wake up the most at ease in the truth of what we are working towards. We live in a beautiful, peaceful place that provides a simple, sustainable existence – many find “boring”. We found Northern California’s vast coastal expanses of nature, away from everyday distractions, our ideal place, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. We are also not without our low points – we have to do things we don’t particularly “enjoy” to keep us afloat in the life we have chosen here. But we “appreciate” that those things are in place to maintain us, yet keep us focused on our overall path. This choice we made, brought us to an entirely different existence that moves us forward every day, running on the gas of faith alone. Some days there is plenty in the tank and other days none at all, but we keep a forward motion, believing that the love we have for what we’re doing will see us through.

Life is full of single moments and choices that make up the mosaic of your life. These moments and acts of presence are all any of us have. Doing what’s right for YOU, following your heart’s intuition and paths of growth, take courage. If they didn’t, everyone would be grand spiritual teachers overnight. But the truth is, once you have chosen to change, you must move on alone into the light. For some, this work is more daunting than for others. God, Spirit, or what you believe in as the One, is in you and with you always, but cannot make the journey for you. If you can courageously maneuver your way through past issues and self-reflection, you can become the highest version of yourself.  The love and compassion that will surely grow in you during this process will reflect onto those you love. During this phase, we are growing at what seems like a snail’s pace, but we are in fact, growing. Claim your domain and set the foundation for what you want to grow and blossom into. And even though you are just a small stem reaching towards the sun, keep the faith that one day you will become a tall, bright, beautiful flower.

Wishing you great abundance & growth!

Lonny & Kristen

Here are some things to incorporate into this cycle:

  • Any colors in the green scheme. Change your desktop background, phone wallpaper, and clothing you choose to include green shades that represent love, healing, growth, and nurturing.
  • Use a therapeutic grade essential oil like, Young Living’s Awaken or Believe blends, and if not, a candle, or room spray that has floral notes. Rose in particular, stimulates and uplifts you, while bringing harmony and balance.
  • Go here and do poses 5 warrior I, 6 warrior II, 7 warrior III, 9 chair pose I, 15 standing side stretch, 17 tree pose, and 19 sun salutation.  While performing each pose, breathe in deeply and exhale making the sound “ha” which helps to clear and open your heart chakra.
  • Listen to any version of uplifting but balancing music. We like Jonathan Goldman’s free download, Chakra Tune Up.

LEAP into April!

Welcome to a whole new cycle of LEAP! The Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play program from Souls Converge. New here? Welcome! You may want to read our beginning launch of the program back in our initial post (The Moon And You), but you don’t need to in order to follow us now, here in this moment of presence. Subscribe to our blog to get the program as soon as we post it directly to your inbox or mobile device. Also, we will be sending occasional reminders and helpful tips throughout the program to assist you in your daily growth if you are a subscriber.

And just like that, a new beginning is upon us once again…

For these next few days we find ourselves welcoming the New Moon in a sprouting phase. For our LEAP program, we are in the “Love” portion, primarily focusing on the love for ourselves. We can sometimes allow our minds to control our emotional heart. Yes, we mean “allow”, as everything is up to you when it comes to your mind. At this moment in time, the mass idea or signal being sent out over the consciousness grid through governments and internet reporting is fear: “Fear what has happened in Japan, it is going to affect you, and/or it could happen to you where ever you live. ” Or “The government shut down for 2011 is coming!” This was one of the most searched subjects on Google today. Just like you choose what you put in your car to drive, choose what you feed yourself when you absorb the negativity on the news, television shows, and people in social situations. Be more aware of the negative show premise or the “friend” who feeds off the drama of others. You wouldn’t expect your car to run well off soda would you? The fact is; there are horrible occurrences all over the world, in your country and in your neighborhood happening everyday. If it were our soul’s purpose to walk in fear and be paralyzed by happenings, we would be a very weak civilization. And in many respects we are. In our attraction of the worst of things to occur we are weak, but as individuals seeking a higher purpose and better existence in the here and now, we are strong and not ruled by fear, but love. For that we must rejoice! The positive light love gives to all things is, in fact, our main purpose. The moment you can steer your direction of thinking to this, is the moment you will move towards awakening.

The bible says, “I am the Lord thy God. Fear not, for I am with you.” The Spirit of God dwells in the heart of everyone and everything that IS. Man is the measure of the universe.  You are the Heavens and the Earth. You were created and can create from that same place from which you were spoken into loving existence – the heart. You are one with the existence of this moment, not as the worker/mother/boyfriend/34 year old, but the soul that has purpose and love to reflect into this physical realm of consciousness. You are a physical being that is capable of great things and great mistakes, but you have to move on from them. Love and forgive yourself for past indiscretions and move forward to the One you wish to be.

MAKE TIME for yourself right now. This means real time, stillness, not just another distraction. Find a quiet place, sit and try to let yourself be wrapped in calmness and let all of your worries go. Use our “Breathe the Light” meditation and listen to our favorite sounds meditation “Holy Harmony” by Jonathan Goldman and say, write or repeat in your thoughts “Ho’oponopono.”   If you find your mind is just too busy at the moment to enjoy stillness, find something that inspires you to be positive, like an upbeat music list, inspirational movie, or heartfelt book.

While you are in this place, ask yourself what you want, if money, time, and you, were no object or obstacle. If you could just lovingly become and grow into anything, what would it be? Even if right now you can only see as far as tomorrow, focus on what you will be a better version of tomorrow. Write this down in a journal, or on post-its to place in your workspace or car, type notes for yourself in your phone, or place them into your calendar to go off during the day as reminders. These are the seeds that are sprouting through this cycle of LEAP. Let go of how much you didn’t grow or follow through with any previous things. Forgive yourself for small and large situations. It’s done, (although you may have lingering issues attached to these incidents), the actual moment and time of their negative light you are holding onto is in the past. The Now is upon us and you must move on, completely letting go of your attachment to your past mistakes.

This is a great time to cleanse. We like the Master Cleanse, but you can choose to cleanse or detox anyway you feel healthiest. Even if that means just cutting out fast food for now, it’s a start, and we guarantee you will feel the difference. The more you can assist yourself in a higher vibration the more you will feel alive and energized to grow during the LEAP phases.

As you move through these next couple days, find a moment or two to retreat into nature.  For you, maybe this is a city park, or perhaps an entire coastline or forest, whichever the case, you will find your seeds beginning to grow and time out in the sunshine will nurture these positive thoughts.

5 Things to Focus on:

1. Let go and forgive – yourself! Use “Breathe the Light” meditation to assist you in finding the things you are holding onto and they will release from you. You can also use “Ho’oponopono” during this.

2. Allow for more love than fear. Surround yourself with good choices and heartfelt decisions of what you listen to, read, watch and say.

3. Take time to focus on you and communicate your intentions to the Universe.

4. A time for Cleansing: Epsom salt baths, cutting out fast food, participating in a green drink or master cleanse system, and sun bathing, all while drinking plenty of water and finding time for nature.

5. Above all else – LOVE. Be a shining example of it to everyone, but most importantly – you. Love yourself and in turn that love will shine and feed others.

Additional Recommendations:

This indigo blue color, (to the right), represents self realization, inner senses, intuition, deep connections to the moon, spirit, magic, mystery, and clearing your mind. Perhaps try wearing it this phase or place candles or tea-lights of this color around where you’re meditating. Set the wallpaper on your phone to it or at work, set your desktop background to something like it from a simple search for “indigo blue” through google images .

For scents and smells: Lavender to release tensions, and promote calm. Citrus choices like Tangerine and earthy ones like patchouli provide clarity and tranquility. We are addicted to the Young Living Oils and their blends. A great one for this phase of LEAP is their Peace & Calming Oil containing a therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.

As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage your loving insights. This is a program, but in no way, a rigid one. We bring you this with loving intentions and open hearts to share these truths, in hopes that they speak to you specifically in any way they are meant to. We hope you are blessed by our LEAP posts, and look forward to building our community, Souls Converge. Feel free to share this online through social media, or forward it onto someone you think may benefit.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny & Kristen Carr


By staying in tune with the moon and its cycle in the heavens you are grounding yourself into the present moment and keeping in rhythm with the cycles of nature. This is something our distant relatives were much more skilled at than we are presently. Our program here is a part of our overall theme of body, mind and soulful living with a concentration on the moon and it’s effects on us. You can read a bit more about it here. It’s time to plant your seeds! The seeds of what you want to manifest in your life.  It could be anything you choose, just remember to do so from the heart and LEAP while you do it.  The purpose of LEAP, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play), is that no matter what you do or where you go, you should be feeling at least one or all of those loving emotions. At times when things are difficult, “Appreciation” will more than likely be something to work on. In any situation you can change it, remove yourself or accept it and surrender to it. As always, we work on these things as we grow everyday. It is more difficult in certain stages than others, but the conscious effort to be aware IS growth. For this last phase our Play theme of LEAP continues.

This is a time to surrender your body, heart, and mind to Spirit and allow everything to be just as it is.  Its a time to be at peace with yourself and others while carrying out your days with non-judgement. This is a fight for your ego. It does not enjoy any turning over of “control” or lack of constant commentary on any given situation. Surrendering and the act of letting go can seem like death to an ego that wants to hold onto everything, This is actually positive. Your ego, although a flashing constant, is something that can bring many dark parts to your life, and the more you can quiet it the better. If you surrender and just allow for any present situation, your mind and ego cannot partner up so easily with what “could” be and how you “should” have done something differently.

As the new moon approaches, many find themselves tired but refuse to let go and surrender.  Instead of sleeping and resting when their bodies tell them to they put sugar and caffeine into their systems to stay awake and be “productive” up until they crash.  When this happens, they can be very unpleasant to be around and you may find yourself judging or being one of them.  Do your best to remain at ease and non-judgemental.  They are simply imbalanced and out of tune with themselves and nature. If this is you right now, go outside, have a good tea instead of coffee, eat something of great living energy, like sprouts or fruits and vegetables. You can be grumpy and irritable within reason, but don’t add to it by providing your body and mind with junk. Read and watch positive things and wear or surround yourself with more dark colors like blues, browns, blacks and gray just like a seed would be surrounded in the ground. Some “Present Time” from Young Living will really help bring you into the now of everything. The spruce (grounding) and ylang ylang (balancing) in the blend are sure fire natural mood enhancers for this particular phase and though it may not make you Suzy Sunshine, it could prevent you totally attacking the next person that just says the wrong thing to you. ;-P

Allow yourself and others to be just as you are – they and you have every right to choose how to experience this lifetime.  Instead, avoid the ones you can and focus on yourself.  If you are tired – sleep or meditate and avoid things like non-energizing fast foods and caffeine.  It is said that thirty minutes of deep meditation can replace up to four hours of sleep.  Lay in Corpse Pose and let your mind go where it wants to. Listen to Holy Harmony and if you fall asleep it’s OK.  There are no rules right now,  just go with the flow.

When you are awake remember to be playful, cheerful, smile and laugh.  Change somebody’s day by giving them a genuine smile.  Have compassion for that person in your life that makes things so difficult. You have no idea what he or she has gone through, what they were dealt for this life, or things they have no knowledge of. Liberate yourself, be grateful for what you do know is right and most importantly, have fun.

The seed is planted so let it germinate!

  1. Hand to Feet
  2. Standing Forward Bend
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Garland
  5. Hero
  6. Child
  7. Seated Forward Bend
  8. Sage Twist
  9. Wind Relieving
  10. Plough
  11. Fish
  12. Corpse

We hope you have found this first cycle of LEAP beneficial. It is our prayer that it brings you growth and abundance. Every cycle we will bring different portions of the program to light and are open to your feedback. Please let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to hear. Subscribe to our blog (at right) and check out our website for upcoming events and retreats (coming soon).

With the utmost gratitude for you all,

Lonny & Kristen


“Surrender to Spirit” Artist Kathy Rose

Available for purchase

Just joining us? LEAP, is a program provided to you by Souls Converge to work towards our mission of body, mind and soulful living. LEAP works in conjunction with the moon’s phases each 28 day cycle and stands for, “Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play”. We are now in the Last Quarter Moon phase and the “Play” portion of our offerings to you. If you have been following along, please give us any feedback you may have, and subscribe to this blog for special upcoming events and retreats. LEAP is intended to assist in your spiritual growth and love for yourself.

On the left – a beautiful card from one of our many Doreen Virtue guidance card decks. You can find them here.

We choose to follow the moon and it’s cycles not only for it’s effects on us, but also for the ease in the effort of working with the program; you work on what you can as we go along and then when the new cycle emerges, you can start all over fresh and better prepared for things to come.

As we begin this phase, visualize yourself digging up the ground and prepare yourself to plant new seeds for a new moon cycle in just a few days. Reflect back on your actions and emotions this past month. We all have felt the effects of Japan’s devastating events. It’s easy to allow the emotions to sweep over you and get you really worked up, however, that doesn’t help the people in Japan or you. If you have an urge to “do something” donate to the relief fund here, or find ways to help closer to home. There are tons of families hurting out there and a great need for general assistance every disaster-less “normal” day.

Now, lovingly look upon the exercises you have participated in, your notes, journals, meditations, physical and nutritional activities. From a constructive view-point, sort out the things that didn’t work and why, but most importantly – accept them and who you are today, right now this present moment.

Really feel your heart and the amazing job it does to love others and love you in it’s pumping of blood to your entire body without you even asking. In this state of simple gratitude, think about what you want to change moving forward and appropriate manifestation ideas for this upcoming month.

Its time to consciously live what you have created, and if that is currently just a whole lot of stress, then embrace it and all the chaos it brings. It may not be conscious, but it is what’s real for you at this point. Find what you are capable of changing and surrender to what you cannot. Find a peace among it all and find true growth. And it’s ok to say “In this particular moment, I’m not fine and I need a hug.”

We were really going through some tough stuff as a family and a great friend of ours was so sweet, and sent us a book called “Everything is going to be OK”. Because, in reality we were healthy, very in love, and in a good spiritual place, and everything was “OK”, not great, and not terrible, (although our minds were driving us to believe it was.)

For a bit of perspective, there are millionaires out there who are miserable with their lives and material collections, but have all the money we could not even imagine. Then, there are the factory workers barely scraping by with their loving families at home that are much happier than most members of our family. It’s all in how you live and what you appreciate most in every day. Just be as present as you can, it will get easier. Relax in all the moments you can throughout your day. When you find yourself focused on something really negative – smile, think of a sunny, bright day doing your favorite thing and move on with more positive thoughts. But our bottom line – have fun and connect with your inner child:

  • Watch something silly
  • Find and read funny jokes
  • Search for funny animal videos online
  • Laugh along with your children to their favorite movie
  • Get out and play – Do something fun with the family or have a get together with friends, (like we are!)
  • Let loose!
  • Hold onto your belly and make yourself laugh for no reason at all
  • Get a big ice cream cone piled high, (or our favorite – a tub of Ben & Jerry’s)
  • Listen to upbeat music that makes you wanna move!
  • Go out dancing with friends no matter what kind of music

As we relax and surrender into who we are at this point in time, we encourage you to do what feels right in your pursuit for the highest version of yourself.

Pick your favorite yoga exercises to do with a smile. Sit or lie in your most comfortable meditative position and just smile and be still – not a whole lot of work there.

Surround yourself with all of the colors of the rainbow, (mentally and physically). Find your heart’s favorite color, (the one that is most pleasing to look at for you), and add it more into your truck ‘s interior with seat covers or by way of your bathroom towels.

Do the same with smells and scents. Go to your local place to get incense and buy the 10 for $1 ones in your favorite scent, or go to a store and get an air freshener to bathe your home in the next couple days.

Overall, take this time to cultivate your growth. Be proud of even the small steps you’ve taken in this process. You are doing so well, and you deserve to be happy. Repeat that, “I deserve to be happy”, because you do. Drop all the guilt and pressures you and others have had on you in the past years and this past cycle. Moving on! This next cycle is what you make it, and we know you’ll do exactly what your capable of.

With love for growth and abundance,

Lonny and Kristen

The Disseminating Moon phase or harvesting portion of collective energy is upon us. The focus of LEAP today is primarily on appreciation, more specifically, tithing. If you are just joining us, we are so grateful to have you and each and every one of our followers. We pray that the LEAP (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) program that Souls Converge has created, is bringing all of you something of great value. LEAP is a huge portion of our tithing – from our hearts to the entire spiritual community. We find it to be a great instrument in the law of love.

Edgar Cayce describes the law of love as giving in action, without the force felt, expressed, manifested, shown, desired or reward for that given.

When it comes to the word “tithing” a religious, negative or positive connotation may arise in you. We are not religious in any way. We do not practice a religion, (although, we do highly respect and admire the cultural effects certain religions have on individual souls). We appreciate the simplest form in which most religions were created – for a love of oneself to connect with a higher purpose and Spirit.

An online definition of “Tithe”: A tenth portion of one’s income contributed voluntarily towards something charitable, especially in support towards a spiritual institution.

We are expressing the term “tithing” here to work as a word to represent, giving back, setting aside something for a higher purpose out into the Universe, for no payback to you, but simply for the act of giving freely, and if it is truly that way in your heart, we believe, it is destined to reflect abundance. We are all aware of the fact that in this life there are many good deeds that go un-rewarded. However, if you give from a place of love, not searching for any outcome, and If there is a focus on what the other will receive, instead of what you may get in return, then that is the basis of true giving and manifesting love.

While there are countless experiments linking tithing to great abundance, there is a particular 1940’s story about a Michigan farm experiment of tithing that presented itself in great truth to us to share.

It began with one group, a following of friends and locals, and one cubic inch of wheat. The group blessed the wheat and made a commitment to tithe ten percent of its harvest to their local church. The first year’s harvest was fifty cubic inches, and as promised, the group tithed ten percent (5 cubic inches) to the church, which was given to the minister for breakfast. The remaining nine-tenths of the harvest was re-planted and blessed. By the third year, the larger public learned of this and the blessing of the next harvest planting was attended by press, locals, and Henry Ford himself, (an avid believer in tithing). By the time they reached the sixth and final year of the experiment, the group did not have enough land to plant the nine-tenths harvested wheat in. Local farmers agreed to keep careful records for the remaining year of the experiment, and take the extra wheat on to their land for the group. The final harvest after six years of planting only nine-tenths of the harvest each year was 72,150 bushels of wheat. And so, the tithe given was 7,215 bushels.

At the very beginning of this experiment careful thought and planning went into a miller to not only keep track of the harvest but to also compare the group’s yields with the yield of other wheat farmers in the area. The miller gave them an average production summary that they should have hit had they not tithed: 5,297 bushels.

planting ten-tenths = 5,297 bushels

planting nine-tenths (one-tenth to “God”) = 72, 150 bushels

The tithe from their last harvest was greater than the entire harvest would have been had they not tithed at all. In the miller’s further production analysis of the harvest he found that if they had continued their experiment, in the twelfth year there would not have been enough land mass on planet Earth to receive the nine-tenths for another planting.

The point is not who the group gave to, or what they gave, or even how much for that matter, but more that the level of abundance to them was so great because of the entire process. The love and blessing bestowed upon the planting, the intention behind each growing season, the love and free giving that followed in the harvest, all were apart of the great plan of love for the act of giving back. In that act of giving, a great pouring out was delivered to them, as we believe happens in any situation of tithing.

As far as this law of love goes, and in planning your tithing, we suggest meditating with the Holy Harmony meditation and with each out breath sending all your love you have out into the world to be received by any and all who are in need of it. Perhaps you know exactly who to give to, then send your loving meditation to them specifically. If you don’t know, meditate for a sign and direction of where to give. And lastly, at this time for everyone it seems that any “extra” money to tithe would be needed for your own well-being. We completely understand this feeling and if you are not in a place where you feel ready, don’t do it. Fear and tithing do not mix well. But if you are, and can see the love and meaning behind even $5 a week, (we don’t think it’s the percentage of what you are giving so much as the spirit of it all), start today.

Silly cartoon, but it made us laugh.

Find time within your heart to love and freely give love out to others as often as possible. The poses below can be done from this heart center as well to get your body in balance with this time. We continue to suggest a few drops of an essential oil over your heart to focus you, Abundance Oil by Young Living is a great staple. There should be nothing but ease in this process, never any guilt or force. Whatever your level is to give, do that. We also, suggest surrounding yourself with the colors gold and silver as they have great reflecting power for spiritual abundance.

  1. Sun Salutation
  2. Standing Side Stretch
  3. Triangle
  4. Revolved Triangle
  5. Half Spinal Twist
  6. Leg Reclining Lunge
  7. Single Leg Raises
  8. Wind Relieving
  9. Leg to Side
  10. Shoulder Stand
  11. Fish

This is a time of utmost appreciation with LEAP and Souls Converge. We are so appreciative of our path that has led us here to write these for you. We pray you find it in your heart to tithe in some way. In the beginning, the tithe may be only 1% a week, but the energy behind it will prevail.The harvest is at its most grand where there is love, and you just may find you don’t have enough “land” to “re-plant” all you have been blessed with! Our faith lies in that sort of abundance for all of you!

~Lonny and Kristen

Your “harvest” is always welcome here, please send us your positive feedback and sign up for our blog on the right. Subscribers will be getting special program extras and Souls Converge event details before anyone else. If it is in your heart to give towards our work, we accept donations through our website or you can email us at

Today, we find ourselves welcoming a “super” Full Moon. The closest one to us here on earth in 18 years. No doubt it’s effects will be more prevalent today than many other moon phases. Our LEAP program (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play) finds us in a time of gestation and realization of the goals and energy we have put forth. We are now in the “Appreciate” portion of the program. If you have just joined us, we pray you use LEAP as a tool for balancing your loving human nature with the moon cycles.

Today in the news we read that The U.S. launched air strikes on Libya, Japan detected radiation in their food supply, never-ending gossip about celebrities, and thankfully a story or two about the “super” moon and it’s relation to us here on earth. Although it may seem that the news in the past week or two has been unusually upsetting, in all reality, there are major events happening all around, everyday. Earth shattering – perhaps, but every event that takes place only has as much weight as you and you mind allow for. Of course, natural disasters are in fact overwhelmingly negative and emotionally stirring, but there are some people who allow Japan’s terrible wreckage to stand equally with their latest drama in the office. This is an unfortunate and most likely unconscious mindset, but a highly common one. If you can recognize this and put forth an effort to change you will see it take place in your life.

At this time in the moon’s phase we shift our focus and illuminate the things we are grateful for. Relax during this time and calmly search for a clear path to all things gratitude. List your thankfulness for today and things to come in the future. In a day or so you may feel a more urgent sense for growth amid rapid waters of life without enough time to organize or accomplish your goals. We intend the following to help you just release and go with it.

Remember, “What you resist, persists.” Eckhart Tolle

We have the tendency to blame “something” or “someone” else when an event perceived by our minds to be negative occurs. Then, our egos turn right around and pat themselves in the back and say “you worked hard for it” and glorify a positive outcome to be our own doing. Perhaps you did work hard for it, but you worked just as hard for the negative. Your mind was hard at work to attract it, perhaps pushing so hard against it that the negative pushed back with equal force, and your heart’s loving focus just wasn’t strong enough to over-ride it. There is something to be said for letting go of the idea that you have done everything on your own to accomplish your life’s positives and surrender to a higher power’s hand in the process. For many of us it is difficult to even ask for help when we’re clearly drowning in life’s everyday challenges. Being able to say, “I feel helpless, and I need guidance/assistance with this problem. I surrender to the Universe”, is for most, the first major step towards actively creating our lives.

There is a Native American belief in a Clan Mother for every moon cycle. This moon cycle in particular, is presided over by “Weighs The Truth”. She is believed to teach and represent Divine Law and is the fair judge of human rights, the Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice. In the book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers, Author Jamie Sams talks about how “Weighs the Truth” sends gratitude even for the great burdens bestowed upon the people. Think “purple” and try to incorporate it into your life this phase. It represents the crown chakra and unity of you and Spirit. For years we have taken up the practice of a gratitude journal. At this time, we think it is important to find a way to incorporate one into your daily schedule. This is rather easy and a great start to shifting your intentions to the positive. Your gratitude journal should reflect the truth and gratitude for every situation, even the burden of the really upsetting ones.

Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy, although by all means find one that sings to your heart! It can be as simple as a lined notebook, just make sure you dedicate it ONLY for this exercise of daily gratitude. The Universe works on truth, so should your journal. For every entry write the day of the week as well as the date. Sometimes if you feel it’s important to you, include the event for that day as well, (your birthday, anniversary, child’s birthday, etc). Then, place 2 columns under everyday, one that bullet points actual things that took place and another to write your gratitude for that day and things to attract future gratitude for. It is important to write your entries at night just before bed. If you write them in the morning and put “lunch with Candace” and then your friend Candace re-schedules for tomorrow, then the “truth” side of your journal now has an un-truth. Sometimes you may have a un-eventful day and stayed home, then write, “brushed my teeth”, “ate lunch”, “watched a movie”. Add in all the details you can, (see below). The more specific and accurate you can be, the better. The point is to have the gratitude column for the future things you desire and the positive gratitude for today to reflect off the power of truth you have written on the opposite side.

Here’s an example of an entry:

Friday, March 18th, 2011 (Uncle’s Birthday)

-Brushed my teeth with                         -I am thankful for my loving husband

with Tom’s natural toothpaste             -Money comes to assist us in our work

-Saw a baby deer running on the        -I keep a positive light, and easily

right hand side of the road                     conquer negative thoughts & energy

-Tired, had a long day of work             -My job loss presents me with opportunity

and rainy drive home                               for positive focus on what I really want

As we stated earlier, purple is a great color to implement into gratitude for future desires of attraction. It harnesses the soul’s power and sense of knowing. When you write something on the gratitude side, know in your heart that it will be so.

You will find some days more challenging to write than others, but commit to writing entries as often as you can, every night is best. Eventually you will become quite creative at re-wording the seemingly negative into positive attraction for future gratitude in your everyday life. You may also have days, that you have much more gratitude to write than truth of happenings for that day. There are no rules here, but we certainly never hold back writing more gratitude or positive attraction for gratitude in our journals. Take these ideas and implement the direction your soul has been longing to go. Allow this to be a time to trust yourself, take action and look towards appreciating all you have right here, right now. Thoughts and intentions are at a point of fruition.

A truly awakening essential oil for this period in time is the Gratitude blend from our favorite therapeutic essential oil company, Young Living. This is a blend to always have in your collection. With 6 perfectly matched oils, it is designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, bring relief to the body, all while helping to foster a grateful attitude. Truly a blessing for your sense of smell.

The poses below are meant to open you up and get your body’s energy flowing in balance with the moon phase. Hold the feeling of appreciation and gratitude in your heart while going through each pose. Begin with breathing the light (found in this post) and draw in the illumination of this “super” full moon. Imagine its light filling every single corner of your body with pure loving Universal energy.

  1. Spread leg forward fold
  2. Chair pose I
  3. Warrior I
  4. Warrior II
  5. Chair II
  6. Tree
  7. Sun salutation
  8. Seated forward bend
  9. Child
  10. Full boat
  11. Bridge
  12. Corpse

This meditative walk is structured to bring clarity. It would be good to find time for it outside among the ever-changing, life-filled surroundings to really focus on the exercise and its calming effects:

walking meditation

As always we feel blessed to be able to provide something of substance to even one person. Our goal is to have the LEAP program be a tool towards many souls more balanced, loving existence here. We wish you growth and abundance!

~Lonny and Kristen


During this Gibbous Moon phase we find ourselves still in the “Enjoy” theme of our LEAP program. If you’re just now joining us, LEAP, stands for Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play. Welcome to our newest followers! To those of you that have been following along, we are so grateful! We pray this is giving you something of substance to work into your life. Our goal is to better your soul’s existence in some small way for growth towards a more balanced body, mind and soulful living experience.

On a quick side note, the events in Japan are heavy on all of our hearts. We feel we must balance this sadness and heavy energy of loss with positive living energy from us here. As you follow along with any portion of this LEAP phase, a good way to give to Japan would be to dedicate some of your loving, higher vibrations to that area of the earth. Focus on yourself first and what your soul needs, and then freely send any extra attention and love you have to them in a cooling light of comfort.

Earth is protected and connected through a Collective Consciousness Grid. This grid is why you can be thinking of something along with millions of others in the world and it happens the very next day. This is a power that governments, scientists and spiritual leaders know about and often don’t mention because of it’s great power. The best part is that it’s completely accessible to all of us at any given time and with the right attitude and thoughts we can truly change entire events for the better. Keep that in mind when you are doing these portions of LEAP every few days or so, and know that for every inch you grow in your path to the best version of YOU, awareness grows in the overall human experience here on Earth along with you, through the Collective Consciousness Grid. Who can resist being cheered up in the presence of laughing happy children? You can be that child-like soul enjoying every present moment for those next to you on the ride into work, all the way to those in Japan – each one feeling and receiving your positive happy energy.

“He who enjoys doing, and enjoys what he has done, is happy.” -German Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your enjoyment begins here in the pollinating phase.  The flower of your soul that was beginning to open up in the last phase is now fully blossomed and its time for attraction. If there is something that you desire and find is not coming to you, it always means the same thing; at this time you are not a vibrational match to that desire. You may have to readjust your mind frame a bit, your priorities of wants or fear based choices in order to make the attraction and abundance align for you.

Open up and reveal your inner beauty to the world.  Raise your vibration so that it matches your desires and release your “scent” like a flower would to attract bees, until it attracts exactly what you need at this time to bring your goals into fruition.  Wait patiently while the Universe goes to work and sends you guidance in its many different forms. Then, LISTEN. Signs are truly everywhere. If your hair stands up when you are about to cross the street, pay attention to that. If you get a “bad feeling” when walk into a store, walk out. If you pass a place that for some reason seems like you should go into, go.

Connect with family, friends and loved ones. Share with them your thoughts, feelings, and desires of what you are experiencing. Notice how they respond to you and listen carefully to their hidden words of wisdom. Try to seek out the people who resemble your current energy or vibration, as negative people can bring you down. Pay attention to the signals you get from others when speaking about your emotions and feelings. Perhaps there is someone you love searching for someone to talk to and they just needed to hear you say something that they were feeling as well.

This is a great time to get out of the house and explore new things, maybe even with some of the family, friends or loved ones we mentioned previously, (we’re all about the “2 birds, one stone” philosophy).  Visit a museum, go to a beach you’ve never explored or a new hike, a gallery of photographs, an open house for a new business, etc.

So far, we have offered yoga exercise suggestions that have been primarily focused on grounding and opening our lower chakras.  Now, is the  time to open and lengthen the spine so that the energy we have been building can rise up and open our upper chakras.  Please remember to take caution when doing these stretches, especially since they focus so much on the spinal chord.

Warm up with alternating breathing and then do the poses in this order.

  1. Standing forward bend
  2. Standing side stretch
  3. Downward dog
  4. Dog
  5. Bow
  6. Garland
  7. Half spinal twist
  8. Seated forward bend
  9. Sage twist
  10. Shoulder stand
  11. Plough
  12. Fish

When you are finished sit in Lotus position as you did before.  Your index finger and thumb touch while the back of your hands or wrists rest on the inside of your knees (or whatever your best version of this is for your comfort level). If you cannot sit in full lotus try half lotus or just sit cross-legged. Concentrate on “OM” and begin to hum or chant it. You may choose to listen to Holy Harmony by Jonathan Goldman and chant to resonate with the ancient Hebrew name for the Christ (Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey). This is one of our fall back meditation methods.

Here are a couple video links for you to use along with your meditation which will assist you in raising your vibration.

OM Mantra

The Wave of Love

We send you the utmost gratitude for your participation, and see many more people joining us in the future. How amazing would it be to work in harmony with our earth and moon in a balanced existence here? Listening, loving, living alongside one another, enjoying our lives and the vast experiences we are granted here.

Wishes of growth and abundance for your path, and comforting loving thoughts over the miles.

~Lonny and Kristen

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