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Passion For The Science Of Truth

We sit here and write to you again, (finally), with active energy and good forward motion. We were relieved to find ourselves still here in the wake of the “predicted” judgement day that was to be May 21st. All joking aside, we have been busy at work on the launch of our brand new Daily LEAP Program via our website. This will be available for our followers to subscribe to on a monthly basis for the cost of a fancy cup of coffee. In return, subscribers will receive a password for a month full of new, balanced energy tips on a daily basis. There will be guidance for positive, loving, and productive body, mind, and soulful living, and much more! We look forward to opening this up to everyone and hope it sits well in all of your hearts.

We currently find ourselves in the Last Quarter Moon and the “play” phase of the LEAP Program, (Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play). This is also a time ruled by “passion” and it’s power in our lives. Inline with this time, the subject of truth has been burning quite passionately in our hearts, as well as current truth-tellers. Since “end times” seems to be a more and more frequent conversation in the world, we have felt put upon to write with these topics in mind. We found that we have quite a bit to say! There was much time spent on organizing and editing through information, and we hope you feel the truth that was intended to reach you through this particular blog post.

In our history, there are many great times of enlightenment or new ages. Each of these times have before, and will again, posses characteristics of great darkness and light. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are the simplest laws of our universe for balance in nature. For every occurrence, those souls that provide opposition to the truth are important catalysts in the coming growth and changes. Personally, we find ourselves knee-deep in reading leaders and up and coming truth tellers’ posts and insider information quite often. We feel that the light is desperately trying to emerge and we are constantly looking to sift through all the information we can to find the underlying truth in it all.

When it comes to “truth” much of what we know to be true is not always what we learn or accept from others. Much of what is truth for us, is actually within us already. Even if we don’t fully understand something we hear, the truth within it resonates within us. This begs the question of whether or not truth is in fact not learned, but rather felt and re-called like a distant memory. We could be a people that have just lost that particular memory – like one you haven’t thought of since you were a child, but you see a picture and it brings you back to that exact day and suddenly the memory you didn’t know for the last 35 years feels just as real as the day itself.  And so perhaps, Universal truth is more of something embedded in our soul’s. Maybe we all share one constant truth from the beginning of creation. Even with all the great advances in science, we have only broken a percentage of the human genetic code. That leaves much to be interpreted and open for discovery within our present existence here. It seems realistic to believe that the truth of our souls is embedded in there somewhere waiting for us to feel it again and allow it to penetrate into our core thinking. This is a great part of life that gives way to a completely different perspective on science. Thousands of years ago religions taught of souls and a part of us that continues long after our present physical bodies give out. Science has just now caught up to that in the remarkable discovery of the un-deniable amount of grams that “disappear” from the body in the instant of physical death. In all of these controlled studies, when no other matter has changed, no factors have been removed or added, there is a change in the body’s weight. The scientific explanation, so far, has been a stop in brain activity or another form of consciousness that leaves the body at this time. In our belief, this can be nothing other than the soul ascending the body.

We recently went to the movies and enjoyed Thor. Not necessarily a spiritual outing for us, but for a child-like break from our daily work, it was a nice way to “play” in this phase. In the movie, Thor mentions to a mortal here on Earth, “In your world, magic and science are two different things, but I come from a place where they are one in the same.” Scientifically, as we discover and prove new and amazing things, science begins to unfold the mystery of those that were once believed, (even to our grandparents), to be something of superstition or magic. As children we scream out, “Abracadabra!” in great attempts to change flowers into rabbits or silly juice and soda combinations into super human power potions. In all actuality, the word has roots in the ancient Aramaic mysticism “Avrah Ka Dabra”, meaning, “I create as I speak”. Truth has great power, and finds ways to stay constant in our lives, like this childhood play phrase. The context in which it is used may change but the weight of truth in which it possesses does not. It is important to always watch what we say, but to be more clear, we should really practice listening to the words we speak that are creating our lives.

In the same light as Truth, Fear and Love have great power. Truth seems to rule love, and power seems to rule fear. In this time there is a great narrowing in unison towards a great enlightenment. This of course, threatens the existing powers that be, and power does not go down without a fight. Creating a “New Earth” filled with loving, heartfelt, God-like people, is an uphill battle. We fight against those who currently run everything based in money and distractions against the balance and love we work so hard to focus on in our everyday lives. They want a civilization that continues on the path that makes them more rich, and more powerful, not one that makes them equal and loving and giving. These people are blind to the power in that. They only see the truth in their battle against enlightenment – it is always easier to destroy than to create. A building takes much time, planning, and effort to build. However, the desolation of that building can be quick and swift. That is where the fear comes into play with the powers in control now. They blast the world with fear-based images and scare tactics that they believe will force the majority to follow scared and weak. We turn around and give this dark power easy access to us via Facebook, Twitter, google, text messages, yahoo news, etc. These fast, instant ways of sending information to everyone across the globe, all at once, provide a great tool for targeted fear campaigns. Their intention is based on getting us all scared and in a fear-based place of attraction towards the negative. Every time they blast a story of “doomsday approaching” and we read it, collective fear ignites and produces a surge of concentrated thinking on a subject throughout the entire consciousness grid. In these moments, the dark powers that be, win our energy towards their goals.

You can find people everywhere preaching what they personally interpret to be the correct teachings from holy texts like The Bible, The Koran, The Bhagavad Gita, just to name a few. These same people shout out judgement day predictions and signs of end times. When the word “apocalypse” in Greek actually means “to unveil” or “to reveal”, not even close to what many of these preach to be the meaning.  Universal truth lies in all of these texts and it’s true information is powerful stuff that not everyone is ready for. Simple symbols like the peace sign are taken out of context, not to mention the mis-understood sentences and entire chapters in holy text. The text in Revelations mentions the end of the world as we know it. So perhaps it’s time we know something better. All of these texts do seem to quietly whisper the same message – that you are God and that the kingdom of Heaven is within you. Not outside of us, or beyond our reach, but deep within each of our souls. That is truth that resonates with us.

We are currently in a time when science, mind, heart, and faith in religious beliefs will all unveil a common thread of truth in our world. Amidst all the great distractions this world now provides and continues to create, we believe that we have forgotten how divine we actually are – “created in his image”. However, it is encouraging to watch as science proves what many ancient faiths already knew and taught throughout generations. This gives us hope for the blossoming of a new age where the faith and beliefs that many of us have in our hearts, can be proven to the world currently not open to our kind of truth.

For example, what was once observed to be miracles in ancient times, may be what we are seeing as great leaps in “mind over matter” today. Take the select cancer patients, who take a completely holistic and natural way of healing and turn a death sentence into a grand life experience of defying science. So many have actually changed their cancer cells into revitalized healthy cells, simply by focused intention and belief in the ability to create that outcome.

Our power to successfully, and actively create our lives can be a difficult truth to accept. And for some, at this stage of growth, not a truth at all. We don’t currently live in a place that displays that positive ability very well. However, if someone were to hand you a violin and tell you that you have the capability to make beautiful, symphony concert music with it, would they be lying?  Of course not. You DO have the capability to do so, but it would require enormous amounts of dedication and practice to “create” that. Unless you know a magic spell that we don’t, in which case you could just snap, your fingers, say “Abracadabra”, and be a musical prodigy overnight! For many this would be a life-long work in progress, but for a few it may be an easy hobby. There are just some souls more inclined to or possess more raw, natural ability. But anyone can work on focused intention and practice creating to their own degree of mastery.

Perhaps still more exciting, is that the power of our individual thought grows exponentially with the number of minds sharing a focus or intention. Great creating can come from a group working on the same thought at the same time – “two heads are better than one”. Furthermore, science opened truths in studies that 2 brains working together are not just twice as good, but rather, many, many times the strength. Which gives scientific validation to the belief and practice in meditation groups, healing circles, singing and chanting in unison, prayer groups, or any large group gatherings towards one collective purpose. The truth that lies in the positive intention of gathering like-minded people with loving hearts to work towards one goal is inspiring. We plan to do that at our retreats and more through our website and online events held together collectively.

We pray you have felt the passion in what our souls have written here. A large truth for us at Souls Converge is to always give from a place of  loving light and heartfelt intention. If there was any portion of this post that felt true to you, then we feel we have served our purpose. And if it did not, feel free to simply dump it all. But most importantly, keep a forward motion. With all the current events and truths around us we have to keep a positive outlook for our souls. We can start by living in the lives we have created with gratitude and taking an active role of participation, rather than merely reacting to everything around us. As we move towards cultivating a new cycle, practice being more aware of the truths around you. Watch what you say and do, as it is a direct reflection of where your soul is in it’s current place of growth. Keep in mind that if we are truly the temple and it’s master with the key, how do we not make it beautiful and only allow that which is equally beautiful and loving into our lives?

Truth: These major life tasks require much work, and the accountability to yourself and the Universal truths that lie deep in our souls take much discipline, but can you think of anything more rewarding to work towards? We can’t.

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