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The Elephant In The Moon

We know, where have we been? There were some major happenings in our emotional and spiritual journey that required our attention, and now we return from a long break to find all of us in the growing phase of the lunar cycle and love portion of the LEAP program. We had a bit of a lapse in our writing skills from the heart, and didn’t feel it would be right to give you something that was not from a direct loving light. Life choices and our spiritual progress can feel like a lot of work at this stage, and we have to find ways to push through. We found our home filled with an elephant or two and they were dying to be let out and talked about. So as we reminded ourselves this past week, we remind you to keep a forward motion towards growth, even when you feel the heavy burdens are slowing you down. Reward for your efforts will show and it will all come together in time.

We do not practice any religion but we respect and admire vast elements of many beliefs. There is a Hindu God – Ganesh, which many people refer to as the “remover of obstacles”, which is true, but he also carries out the task of placing obstacles in your way when you need it. You can find his familiar multi-armed, elephant-headed figure all throughout India and Nepal.

Constantly creating, we’re sometimes so distracted by our latest positive endeavor that we ignore the elephant in the room lingering from the past. Since most of us have not found complete stillness of our minds yet, our mind is firing multiple times per second. We fill our minds with new ideas, judgments, fears and thoughts all at once. We can be extremely talented at making new things happen and pushing towards new goals and conveniently forget to deal with the lessons of the most recent negative experience. Growth is not about deflection or avoidance of the negative, but the acceptance of bad situations and the strength gained from the depths of the despair involved in them. For us, we moved into our new life with divine intention towards our soul’s work and giving back to the spiritual community. We created this new life with less bills and let go of old luxuries and settled into a simpler, more planet-loving life. However, we still have commitments and requirements for this life. We still have some bills and lifestyle requirements that can create stressful moments for us when faith should prevail. But in our shadowy bliss of the new, we found ourselves creating distractions away from the stressful, negative attributes our new life had to offer. We love what we are doing far more than anything else we have ever done, but nothing is without its challenges.

This past week was a slow-growing one for us with a few things looming heavily. We have been trying to open things up for our retreats and for Souls Converge to really take off and be our main focus. We took a job for a local winery to make ends meet, and it was hard work. It did provide for us to pay our bills so that we have internet, our website, gas, food and our home. We were exhausted after this work and couldn’t get a post out, or we didn’t want to is more like it. Our low energy and lack of motivation to do anything but sleep, was not a place in which we wanted to write from. We were tired, imbalanced, and not in a place of great faith in our hearts. LEAP is such a huge commitment that we chose, and we knew we had to push through. Any form of a Ganesh would have been well received to assist in loading case after case of wine onto pallets or just sort out thoughts and emotions. Perhaps Ganesh was there, watching us struggle and placing this obstacle of money and work in our path as divine intervention. There are many things we cannot control, but in a constant process of creation, you are an active architect. Our mistake was continuing to draw up plans before we had a clear view of the land on which to build on.

Buildings are only as strong as their foundations. Plants and trees only as strong as their roots. So it only makes sense that our quality of growth and strength comes from how grounded and balanced we are. What have we done to make ourselves healthy and not brittle, susceptible to breaking? What do we eat to contribute to the imbalance? What is not grounded that we engage in – tv shows, fast food, venomous people, and hurtful thoughts. When you begin to really look at what you are including in your daily process of living, you find the weak parts of your structure and it can open your eyes to how YOU are contributing to the weakness of your overall being. The judgements placed upon our society, and spiritual choices are disappointing at times. A simple notion towards a vegetarian diet can make others judge the power of the person choosing it. When you think of an elephant don’t you think powerful and strong? And yet we find another thing Ganesh is a symbol of – the first chakra. According to Kundalini yoga, Ganesh also resides in us as the “base, or foundation” of support.

We encourage you to find a stillness in your heart for a moment and feel this time of growth. Address any lingering issues you may have. Release them from you and you from them. Send out loving light with compassion as you watch them float away. It takes courage to face these things head on, and it will probably hurt. Just like those pesky leg pains in the middle of the night – when you get them, you know you’re growing. Find a strength in that and you will become a more balanced person from it. We are working with you and alongside our grand moon and her effects on us. Just a tip: the next time you feel an elephant in your spiritual “room”, (pink, white, Ganesh or otherwise), walk right up to it with a full heart and introduce yourself. You may even find yourself thanking it for the assistance in supporting your foundation of growth.

With full hearts and wishes for growth,

Lonny & Kristen

Click here for meditations and exercises for this phase.

LEAP into April!

Welcome to a whole new cycle of LEAP! The Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play program from Souls Converge. New here? Welcome! You may want to read our beginning launch of the program back in our initial post (The Moon And You), but you don’t need to in order to follow us now, here in this moment of presence. Subscribe to our blog to get the program as soon as we post it directly to your inbox or mobile device. Also, we will be sending occasional reminders and helpful tips throughout the program to assist you in your daily growth if you are a subscriber.

And just like that, a new beginning is upon us once again…

For these next few days we find ourselves welcoming the New Moon in a sprouting phase. For our LEAP program, we are in the “Love” portion, primarily focusing on the love for ourselves. We can sometimes allow our minds to control our emotional heart. Yes, we mean “allow”, as everything is up to you when it comes to your mind. At this moment in time, the mass idea or signal being sent out over the consciousness grid through governments and internet reporting is fear: “Fear what has happened in Japan, it is going to affect you, and/or it could happen to you where ever you live. ” Or “The government shut down for 2011 is coming!” This was one of the most searched subjects on Google today. Just like you choose what you put in your car to drive, choose what you feed yourself when you absorb the negativity on the news, television shows, and people in social situations. Be more aware of the negative show premise or the “friend” who feeds off the drama of others. You wouldn’t expect your car to run well off soda would you? The fact is; there are horrible occurrences all over the world, in your country and in your neighborhood happening everyday. If it were our soul’s purpose to walk in fear and be paralyzed by happenings, we would be a very weak civilization. And in many respects we are. In our attraction of the worst of things to occur we are weak, but as individuals seeking a higher purpose and better existence in the here and now, we are strong and not ruled by fear, but love. For that we must rejoice! The positive light love gives to all things is, in fact, our main purpose. The moment you can steer your direction of thinking to this, is the moment you will move towards awakening.

The bible says, “I am the Lord thy God. Fear not, for I am with you.” The Spirit of God dwells in the heart of everyone and everything that IS. Man is the measure of the universe.  You are the Heavens and the Earth. You were created and can create from that same place from which you were spoken into loving existence – the heart. You are one with the existence of this moment, not as the worker/mother/boyfriend/34 year old, but the soul that has purpose and love to reflect into this physical realm of consciousness. You are a physical being that is capable of great things and great mistakes, but you have to move on from them. Love and forgive yourself for past indiscretions and move forward to the One you wish to be.

MAKE TIME for yourself right now. This means real time, stillness, not just another distraction. Find a quiet place, sit and try to let yourself be wrapped in calmness and let all of your worries go. Use our “Breathe the Light” meditation and listen to our favorite sounds meditation “Holy Harmony” by Jonathan Goldman and say, write or repeat in your thoughts “Ho’oponopono.”   If you find your mind is just too busy at the moment to enjoy stillness, find something that inspires you to be positive, like an upbeat music list, inspirational movie, or heartfelt book.

While you are in this place, ask yourself what you want, if money, time, and you, were no object or obstacle. If you could just lovingly become and grow into anything, what would it be? Even if right now you can only see as far as tomorrow, focus on what you will be a better version of tomorrow. Write this down in a journal, or on post-its to place in your workspace or car, type notes for yourself in your phone, or place them into your calendar to go off during the day as reminders. These are the seeds that are sprouting through this cycle of LEAP. Let go of how much you didn’t grow or follow through with any previous things. Forgive yourself for small and large situations. It’s done, (although you may have lingering issues attached to these incidents), the actual moment and time of their negative light you are holding onto is in the past. The Now is upon us and you must move on, completely letting go of your attachment to your past mistakes.

This is a great time to cleanse. We like the Master Cleanse, but you can choose to cleanse or detox anyway you feel healthiest. Even if that means just cutting out fast food for now, it’s a start, and we guarantee you will feel the difference. The more you can assist yourself in a higher vibration the more you will feel alive and energized to grow during the LEAP phases.

As you move through these next couple days, find a moment or two to retreat into nature.  For you, maybe this is a city park, or perhaps an entire coastline or forest, whichever the case, you will find your seeds beginning to grow and time out in the sunshine will nurture these positive thoughts.

5 Things to Focus on:

1. Let go and forgive – yourself! Use “Breathe the Light” meditation to assist you in finding the things you are holding onto and they will release from you. You can also use “Ho’oponopono” during this.

2. Allow for more love than fear. Surround yourself with good choices and heartfelt decisions of what you listen to, read, watch and say.

3. Take time to focus on you and communicate your intentions to the Universe.

4. A time for Cleansing: Epsom salt baths, cutting out fast food, participating in a green drink or master cleanse system, and sun bathing, all while drinking plenty of water and finding time for nature.

5. Above all else – LOVE. Be a shining example of it to everyone, but most importantly – you. Love yourself and in turn that love will shine and feed others.

Additional Recommendations:

This indigo blue color, (to the right), represents self realization, inner senses, intuition, deep connections to the moon, spirit, magic, mystery, and clearing your mind. Perhaps try wearing it this phase or place candles or tea-lights of this color around where you’re meditating. Set the wallpaper on your phone to it or at work, set your desktop background to something like it from a simple search for “indigo blue” through google images .

For scents and smells: Lavender to release tensions, and promote calm. Citrus choices like Tangerine and earthy ones like patchouli provide clarity and tranquility. We are addicted to the Young Living Oils and their blends. A great one for this phase of LEAP is their Peace & Calming Oil containing a therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.

As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage your loving insights. This is a program, but in no way, a rigid one. We bring you this with loving intentions and open hearts to share these truths, in hopes that they speak to you specifically in any way they are meant to. We hope you are blessed by our LEAP posts, and look forward to building our community, Souls Converge. Feel free to share this online through social media, or forward it onto someone you think may benefit.

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

~Lonny & Kristen Carr

Today We Introduce…LEAP!

“LEAP” stands for Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play. The full meaning of this will be incorporated into and worked through this 28 day cycle of the moon, beginning today with the New Moon. We chose today to launch our program following our heart’s intuition, and in a wonderfully magical turn of events, a friend mentioned that today’s date carries multiple meanings. It is Friday, March 4th and it is indeed also a day to “march forth” along this new journey. We look forward to you joining us!

Our moon presents four major phases, “New”, “1st Quarter”, “Full”, and “Last or 3rd Quarter”. For this first phase, “New Moon” we will focus on the “Love” portion of LEAP and it will last approximately 7 days.

Love, can show itself in many different forms. In the English language we simply have one word for “Love” which can never be enough to express the multi-faceted ways we intend it throughout our lives. For instance, in Hebrew there are over 11 words that represent expressions of love; one for a friendly love, a beloved, a love for your children, and a Godly love just to name a few. But during this portion of the LEAP program we will focus on the inner love of yourself.

For some of us, it is difficult to take the necessary time for ourselves. This life can present us with so many others to take care of and look out for. But how much quality friendship, love and nurturing can you provide from an imbalanced state of yourself? So for the next few days let’s focus on acceptance and forgiveness of self. Perhaps you’re holding onto something that is really upsetting you. But take a step back, forgive yourself for the portion of it you have in the matter and work on your part. To begin, we must allow for the present. The right now. And…the…now. And…you get the idea. Let everything be exactly as it is, let go of the past, and surrender to the future. You will have to take quiet time for YOU, go within and ask your heart what it wants to change and what it is yearning to let go of. To be capable to grow and evolve into our higher state of souls, we must train ourselves to listen to our hearts and the answers it provides, even if that answer at times is “no”. Training our intuition is like practicing any skill, you have to start somewhere. But as soon as you begin you will immediately see results and find yourself in a receiving of new concepts and ideas, thus expressing a new theme during this time.

These are the seeds we plant in the ground and cultivate with sun (attention), and water (nurture) as they begin to sprout and grow. The New Moon marks the halfway point between the seeding phase and the sprouting phase of the lunar cycle. This phase we tend to find ourselves tired from playing in the last portion of the lunar theme where our energy more than likely, crashed and dug our own ditch to sleep in, which also becomes the place we plant our new seeds.

This first three and a half days deals with the sprouting phase and it is a good time to find balance in our lives physically, emotionally, and mentally by grounding, detoxifying, resting, letting go of problems holding us back, breathing in the light and exhaling the darkness, cleaning the home and using sage to clear out any negative energy, and sunbathing.

Below you will find some suggestions for you to use these first few days. Be patient with yourself. Again, we remind you to listen to your heart. Even if that means that you don’t have the energy to do some of these things right now, listen and breathe. You can always implement more in another 28 days.

Getting started for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

  1. At this time in our LEAP program, it would be beneficial to do a detox or fast of some sort. We like a 3 day version of the master cleanse, or the Kyo-Green powder drinks but you have to do what works for you and is comfortable. However, keep in mind that detoxing is not fun or comfortable for most, but extremely good to do for the body and mind. Make sure you are in good overall health and always consult a doctor before beginning a major change like this. If you can push yourself to do something for this portion of clearing and detoxifying you will be rewarded with how great you’ll feel after. Just cutting out soda or coffee for 3 days will really make a difference, and in the grand scheme of things, what’s 3 short days?
  2. Download this solfeggio tones meditation that we love by Jonathan Goldman, “Holy Harmony”, (we’ll be using this a lot).  We’ll talk more about the significance of solfeggio tones later, but you can find a brief description here.

For Today, Friday:

  • Breathe the light meditation- Breathe in through your nose, (you may have your eyes closed if you wish). When you breathe in, focus on gathering all the light and positive energy in the area around you and distributing it throughout your entire body all the way to your toes and finger tips. When you exhale pull and gather all the dark and negative energy from everywhere in your body and “huff” it out into the air to expel it. Repeat this as many times as you feel.
  • Meditate, finding any thoughts bothering you and release them to the Universe. “As a symbolic signal of your subconscious mind, every meditation should begin by surrounding yourself with white light. Then, after you relax your physical body, visualize yourself standing beside a well or pond. Drop all of your problems into the water, and watch it close over them. This is a symbolic release that tells the subconscious that you need an answer to solve these troubles. Then, visualize yourself walking away from the well or pond, leaving everything behind. The symbolism of dropping your problems into the water is essential. It is never good to go into meditation without doing this, just as it is imprudent not to use the white light to surround you. Both are protective measures to eliminate taking negative vibrations into an otherwise productive exercise. At first, choose a nature scene for your inner journey – mountains, desert, small waterfall, island, in the woods, ocean bluffs, etc. You should visit your place several times until you can easily get there and back and find yourself completely familiar with your terrain and all the surroundings you have created there. As you become more and more accustomed to meditating it is an excellent idea to vary the inner landscape you visit. This strengthens your visualization powers and prevents boredom for your mind’s tendency to wander. Excerpt from the book By Oak, Ash, and Thorn by D.J. Conway

This color represents self realization, inner senses, intuition, deep connections to the moon, spirit, magic, mystery, and clearing your mind. Perhaps try wearing it this phase or place candles or tea-lights of this color around where you’re meditating. At work you can set your desktop background to something indigo blue, like a picture of space and stars perhaps.

For scents and smells: Lavender to release tensions, and promote calm. Citrus choices like Tangerine and earthy ones like patchouli provide clarity and tranquility. We are addicted to the Young Living Oils and their blends. A great one for this phase of LEAP is their Peace & Calming Oil containing a therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.


  1. Breathe the Light Meditation
  2. Release tension, problems, troubles and worries
  3. Lay in corpse pose and listen to Holy Harmony with both ears equally and really melt into it.
  4. Do the visualization meditation described above
  5. master cleanse and/or  Kyo-Green powder drinks or do some raw juicing green drinks yourself like Living Light Cafe’s “Green Giant” and another great site with instruction, here.

Give yourself time – baby steps. We will go over everything every step of the way. Tomorrow is a new day! Should you have any questions or comments you can post them below or you can contact us directly on our website or at

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

Lonny & Kristen

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