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Almost There! The Last Quarter Moon…

Just joining us? LEAP, is a program provided to you by Souls Converge to work towards our mission of body, mind and soulful living. LEAP works in conjunction with the moon’s phases each 28 day cycle and stands for, “Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play”. We are now in the Last Quarter Moon phase and the “Play” portion of our offerings to you. If you have been following along, please give us any feedback you may have, and subscribe to this blog for special upcoming events and retreats. LEAP is intended to assist in your spiritual growth and love for yourself.

On the left – a beautiful card from one of our many Doreen Virtue guidance card decks. You can find them here.

We choose to follow the moon and it’s cycles not only for it’s effects on us, but also for the ease in the effort of working with the program; you work on what you can as we go along and then when the new cycle emerges, you can start all over fresh and better prepared for things to come.

As we begin this phase, visualize yourself digging up the ground and prepare yourself to plant new seeds for a new moon cycle in just a few days. Reflect back on your actions and emotions this past month. We all have felt the effects of Japan’s devastating events. It’s easy to allow the emotions to sweep over you and get you really worked up, however, that doesn’t help the people in Japan or you. If you have an urge to “do something” donate to the relief fund here, or find ways to help closer to home. There are tons of families hurting out there and a great need for general assistance every disaster-less “normal” day.

Now, lovingly look upon the exercises you have participated in, your notes, journals, meditations, physical and nutritional activities. From a constructive view-point, sort out the things that didn’t work and why, but most importantly – accept them and who you are today, right now this present moment.

Really feel your heart and the amazing job it does to love others and love you in it’s pumping of blood to your entire body without you even asking. In this state of simple gratitude, think about what you want to change moving forward and appropriate manifestation ideas for this upcoming month.

Its time to consciously live what you have created, and if that is currently just a whole lot of stress, then embrace it and all the chaos it brings. It may not be conscious, but it is what’s real for you at this point. Find what you are capable of changing and surrender to what you cannot. Find a peace among it all and find true growth. And it’s ok to say “In this particular moment, I’m not fine and I need a hug.”

We were really going through some tough stuff as a family and a great friend of ours was so sweet, and sent us a book called “Everything is going to be OK”. Because, in reality we were healthy, very in love, and in a good spiritual place, and everything was “OK”, not great, and not terrible, (although our minds were driving us to believe it was.)

For a bit of perspective, there are millionaires out there who are miserable with their lives and material collections, but have all the money we could not even imagine. Then, there are the factory workers barely scraping by with their loving families at home that are much happier than most members of our family. It’s all in how you live and what you appreciate most in every day. Just be as present as you can, it will get easier. Relax in all the moments you can throughout your day. When you find yourself focused on something really negative – smile, think of a sunny, bright day doing your favorite thing and move on with more positive thoughts. But our bottom line – have fun and connect with your inner child:

  • Watch something silly
  • Find and read funny jokes
  • Search for funny animal videos online
  • Laugh along with your children to their favorite movie
  • Get out and play – Do something fun with the family or have a get together with friends, (like we are!)
  • Let loose!
  • Hold onto your belly and make yourself laugh for no reason at all
  • Get a big ice cream cone piled high, (or our favorite – a tub of Ben & Jerry’s)
  • Listen to upbeat music that makes you wanna move!
  • Go out dancing with friends no matter what kind of music

As we relax and surrender into who we are at this point in time, we encourage you to do what feels right in your pursuit for the highest version of yourself.

Pick your favorite yoga exercises to do with a smile. Sit or lie in your most comfortable meditative position and just smile and be still – not a whole lot of work there.

Surround yourself with all of the colors of the rainbow, (mentally and physically). Find your heart’s favorite color, (the one that is most pleasing to look at for you), and add it more into your truck ‘s interior with seat covers or by way of your bathroom towels.

Do the same with smells and scents. Go to your local place to get incense and buy the 10 for $1 ones in your favorite scent, or go to a store and get an air freshener to bathe your home in the next couple days.

Overall, take this time to cultivate your growth. Be proud of even the small steps you’ve taken in this process. You are doing so well, and you deserve to be happy. Repeat that, “I deserve to be happy”, because you do. Drop all the guilt and pressures you and others have had on you in the past years and this past cycle. Moving on! This next cycle is what you make it, and we know you’ll do exactly what your capable of.

With love for growth and abundance,

Lonny and Kristen

Today We Introduce…LEAP!

“LEAP” stands for Love, Enjoy, Appreciate, Play. The full meaning of this will be incorporated into and worked through this 28 day cycle of the moon, beginning today with the New Moon. We chose today to launch our program following our heart’s intuition, and in a wonderfully magical turn of events, a friend mentioned that today’s date carries multiple meanings. It is Friday, March 4th and it is indeed also a day to “march forth” along this new journey. We look forward to you joining us!

Our moon presents four major phases, “New”, “1st Quarter”, “Full”, and “Last or 3rd Quarter”. For this first phase, “New Moon” we will focus on the “Love” portion of LEAP and it will last approximately 7 days.

Love, can show itself in many different forms. In the English language we simply have one word for “Love” which can never be enough to express the multi-faceted ways we intend it throughout our lives. For instance, in Hebrew there are over 11 words that represent expressions of love; one for a friendly love, a beloved, a love for your children, and a Godly love just to name a few. But during this portion of the LEAP program we will focus on the inner love of yourself.

For some of us, it is difficult to take the necessary time for ourselves. This life can present us with so many others to take care of and look out for. But how much quality friendship, love and nurturing can you provide from an imbalanced state of yourself? So for the next few days let’s focus on acceptance and forgiveness of self. Perhaps you’re holding onto something that is really upsetting you. But take a step back, forgive yourself for the portion of it you have in the matter and work on your part. To begin, we must allow for the present. The right now. And…the…now. And…you get the idea. Let everything be exactly as it is, let go of the past, and surrender to the future. You will have to take quiet time for YOU, go within and ask your heart what it wants to change and what it is yearning to let go of. To be capable to grow and evolve into our higher state of souls, we must train ourselves to listen to our hearts and the answers it provides, even if that answer at times is “no”. Training our intuition is like practicing any skill, you have to start somewhere. But as soon as you begin you will immediately see results and find yourself in a receiving of new concepts and ideas, thus expressing a new theme during this time.

These are the seeds we plant in the ground and cultivate with sun (attention), and water (nurture) as they begin to sprout and grow. The New Moon marks the halfway point between the seeding phase and the sprouting phase of the lunar cycle. This phase we tend to find ourselves tired from playing in the last portion of the lunar theme where our energy more than likely, crashed and dug our own ditch to sleep in, which also becomes the place we plant our new seeds.

This first three and a half days deals with the sprouting phase and it is a good time to find balance in our lives physically, emotionally, and mentally by grounding, detoxifying, resting, letting go of problems holding us back, breathing in the light and exhaling the darkness, cleaning the home and using sage to clear out any negative energy, and sunbathing.

Below you will find some suggestions for you to use these first few days. Be patient with yourself. Again, we remind you to listen to your heart. Even if that means that you don’t have the energy to do some of these things right now, listen and breathe. You can always implement more in another 28 days.

Getting started for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

  1. At this time in our LEAP program, it would be beneficial to do a detox or fast of some sort. We like a 3 day version of the master cleanse, or the Kyo-Green powder drinks but you have to do what works for you and is comfortable. However, keep in mind that detoxing is not fun or comfortable for most, but extremely good to do for the body and mind. Make sure you are in good overall health and always consult a doctor before beginning a major change like this. If you can push yourself to do something for this portion of clearing and detoxifying you will be rewarded with how great you’ll feel after. Just cutting out soda or coffee for 3 days will really make a difference, and in the grand scheme of things, what’s 3 short days?
  2. Download this solfeggio tones meditation that we love by Jonathan Goldman, “Holy Harmony”, (we’ll be using this a lot).  We’ll talk more about the significance of solfeggio tones later, but you can find a brief description here.

For Today, Friday:

  • Breathe the light meditation- Breathe in through your nose, (you may have your eyes closed if you wish). When you breathe in, focus on gathering all the light and positive energy in the area around you and distributing it throughout your entire body all the way to your toes and finger tips. When you exhale pull and gather all the dark and negative energy from everywhere in your body and “huff” it out into the air to expel it. Repeat this as many times as you feel.
  • Meditate, finding any thoughts bothering you and release them to the Universe. “As a symbolic signal of your subconscious mind, every meditation should begin by surrounding yourself with white light. Then, after you relax your physical body, visualize yourself standing beside a well or pond. Drop all of your problems into the water, and watch it close over them. This is a symbolic release that tells the subconscious that you need an answer to solve these troubles. Then, visualize yourself walking away from the well or pond, leaving everything behind. The symbolism of dropping your problems into the water is essential. It is never good to go into meditation without doing this, just as it is imprudent not to use the white light to surround you. Both are protective measures to eliminate taking negative vibrations into an otherwise productive exercise. At first, choose a nature scene for your inner journey – mountains, desert, small waterfall, island, in the woods, ocean bluffs, etc. You should visit your place several times until you can easily get there and back and find yourself completely familiar with your terrain and all the surroundings you have created there. As you become more and more accustomed to meditating it is an excellent idea to vary the inner landscape you visit. This strengthens your visualization powers and prevents boredom for your mind’s tendency to wander. Excerpt from the book By Oak, Ash, and Thorn by D.J. Conway

This color represents self realization, inner senses, intuition, deep connections to the moon, spirit, magic, mystery, and clearing your mind. Perhaps try wearing it this phase or place candles or tea-lights of this color around where you’re meditating. At work you can set your desktop background to something indigo blue, like a picture of space and stars perhaps.

For scents and smells: Lavender to release tensions, and promote calm. Citrus choices like Tangerine and earthy ones like patchouli provide clarity and tranquility. We are addicted to the Young Living Oils and their blends. A great one for this phase of LEAP is their Peace & Calming Oil containing a therapeutic grade essential oil blend of Tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.


  1. Breathe the Light Meditation
  2. Release tension, problems, troubles and worries
  3. Lay in corpse pose and listen to Holy Harmony with both ears equally and really melt into it.
  4. Do the visualization meditation described above
  5. master cleanse and/or  Kyo-Green powder drinks or do some raw juicing green drinks yourself like Living Light Cafe’s “Green Giant” and another great site with instruction, here.

Give yourself time – baby steps. We will go over everything every step of the way. Tomorrow is a new day! Should you have any questions or comments you can post them below or you can contact us directly on our website or at

Wishing you great abundance and growth!

Lonny & Kristen

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